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Homecoming and Surprises

In my opinion, surprises make Homecoming. You never know just who you’ll run into, which famous alumni will walk around the corner, which upperclassmen will show up again at your club’s reception. Homecoming radiates mystery and that’s why I love it. I did not expect to meet former Director of the CIA, former Secretary of

Halloween Homecoming

Unlike a majority of those in Williamsburg this past weekend, I was not reconnecting with William & Mary alumni, watching football…or singing along to the Jackson 5? Instead, my sister and I were walking the darkened streets of Colonial Williamsburg (more affectionately known as “CW”) and scaring ourselves silly at Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream. It’s not

Raise the Green and Gold

As almost every William & Mary student and alum knows, this weekend marked Homecoming 2013, that long-awaited event each year in which alums old and new flock back to the tree-lined serenity of campus. This year’s Homecoming was a landmark event for two reasons: 1. It marked the first homecoming game the Tribe has won

Creating a Community

Branch Out held a Homecoming reception this weekend to welcome back alumni who participated in alternative breaks while they were here.  It was quite a crowd, with people buzzing in from all over the world.  Some of those I talked to had come from places as far away as Ireland, San Diego and Tanzania recently.

Homecoming: the Highlights

In high school, homecoming consisted of a singular night of dressing up and dancing, perhaps accented with a pep rally and school spirit.  At W&M, it is an entire week of non-stop revelry that students begin planning for as soon as the school year kicks off.  With an overwhelming amount of activities- every single organization

Reverse Evacuation

William & Mary folks are a strange (but awesome) family in a strange (but awesome) place – and Homecoming brings the annual memory jog that this has always been W&M’s M.O. This weekend’s been a strange (but awesome) weekend. As the rest of the East Coast braces for Hurricane Sandy’s approach – ‘playfully’ dubbed the


Hey there! I’m one of the interns with the Undergraduate Admission Office and a new student blogger for W&M. I thought I would use my first entry to talk about Homecoming week at W&M, and why it is arguably the best week of the year. Every fall, the College has a Homecoming football game and

Gearing back up after fall break

We all enjoyed our fall breaks, and we were off from classes on Monday and Tuesday, (Oct. 9 and 10).  It was nice to have a break!  We’re back in the gym now working hard, and balancing classes.  This past Saturday, the whole team participated in the JDRF 5K.  It was a walk to raise

Now & Always

I thought that by moving to Scotland I’d be a bit further away from William and Mary than I’ve been used to for the past four years, but while the physical distance between me and the colonial capital may have increased, William and Mary is as present as ever in my life. In ways both

We Are The Champions My Friend

Here on campus I am involved in a social fraternity, Kappa Sigma. Involved might be the understatement of the year, I love my fraternity and the guys who are in it and wouldn’t have had nearly the same great experience here at the college without them. Being part of Greek life in the fall gives