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Parents Weekend and Ted Cruz

This past weekend was Parents Weekend! My mom flew in on Thursday night, and we met for dinner after class. On Friday morning, I took off from work and we started our tour of Washington. I took her to the Eastern Market neighborhood, expecting the massive farmers market that I had witnessed the weekend before.

Cupcakes, Tea, and Ghosts… Oh My!

It has certainly been an eventful two months here at the Colonial Williamsburg House. What with encounters with William Randolph’s ghost (or so we think) and two successful shindigs, we officially consider ourselves members of the Historic Area. One of these days we will manage to invite the Marquis de Lafayette to tea… but until

Family Weekend and Fundraising

Another busy week has begun for Tribe Gymnastics-lots of midterms for everyone and four mornings in a row of morning cardio! Gotta love it! We all had a fun-filled weekend this past Friday through Sunday as our families were in town for Family Weekend! Our parents came to the gym Friday afternoon to watch us

Merging our real families with our Tribe families

This past weekend was Family Weekend here at the College.  As a junior, I still look forward to my parents arriving, showing them my favorite spots on campus, and of course– being taken out to eat every meal for an entire weekend! Family Weekend at William and Mary is special.  It is not just for

You know when you’re in DC when…

On fall break, or the lack thereof and my internship: Fall Break is upon us. Well sort of. I still plan on heading into NBC come Monday. I figure it’s always good to show you care about the work you’re doing — even if it’s your break. The way I see it, my producer (Michelle

Family Weekend gone too soon…

Here we are approaching Fall break already and I have had barely any time to reflect on the great experiences of Family Weekend. My dad and step-mom flew out from California and boy was I excited. I remember how I couldn’t wait for Family Weekend when school first began and now I can’t believe it is already gone. These experiences go by so fast. I don’t even remember blinking. As fast as they went, they were pretty special.
My parents stayed in the beautiful Kingsmill resort, thanks to the gracious discount they got just for being the parents of a William and Mary student. Their first night here we walked around campus and ate dinner at the Cheese Shop in Colonial Williamsburg. The cheese shop closed just after we got our food, so we had to eat outside. Guess what happened next…. torrential downpour. Yes, Williamsburg has a sense of humor. However, my parents and I had a blast eating sandwiches and drinking old fashioned root beer on the patio of a deserted, wet CW.
The rest of the weekend entailed various events, including a convertible drive down Colonial Parkway, dinner at the great Yorktown Pub with a peaceful beach view, concert of William and Mary Choirs and Orchestras, delicious Italian ice cream from Rita’s, and a lantern tour of ancient campus. Saturday we took a tour of the Jamestown settlement, went canoeing on Lake Matoaka, took a walk through CW, and ended the night with a victorious win for Tribe football. My dad and I are football fanatics, so this was my most anticipated event to share with him. It was just a bonus that we won the game against Delaware, leaving the Tribe 3-0! Sunday morning we had a great breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, went to church, and ended the weekend with a somber goodbye.
A few things I learned/relearned over Family Weekend:

Goodbyes are awful!
William and Mary students get free admission to the Jamestown settlement and museum with their student ID. This goes for the Yorktown settlement as well.
Tribe football is doing great this year!
There is too much to see in this community of ours. It will make your feet, legs, and back hurt for days if you try to see it all.
Cracker Barrel is open at 6am even on Sundays, which is a shock for Williamsburg since everything here closes early and opens late on Sundays.
I love my daddy!

GO TRIBE!!! Have a safe and fun break!

Family Weekend Reception

Hello, William and Mary! We want to cordially invite you and your families to our home this weekend. The residents of the CW House are holding a reception on Sunday, October 5th from 11-1 p.m. in our home. It’s an informal event, so feel free to drop by to see the house, learn about Colonial