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“You learn something from everything you get into.”

Usually I spend my summers stacking up educational books to read by the pool and then switch them out for The Hunger Games or Harry Potter but I decided that this summer I should actually do something educational.  That’s why I applied for the DC Summer Institute for New Media and I was lucky enough

The Letter Grade Function & The Power of Quizlet

After one, maybe two semesters at William & Mary, a student should come to the understanding that an A grade here takes much more time and effort to earn compared to a B grade. It’s much like this graph of an exponential function. Many William & Mary students come here having performed extremely well in

The Power of Teamwork: How I Know I’m Heading Down the Right Career Path

When I was in high school (and up to this point in college) all my school work had been rather lonely. In high school, group projects were only in class. In college a group meets just to delegate work for the individual members to do at home, and then meets up again to fit everything

The Value of Vinyl

I got my first turntable when I was 13 years old, but it’s only now dawning on me how the medium had avoided technological extinction. My turntable was a birthday present that I mostly used to play my mom’s old Beatles’ records on. Eventually, I started buying my own vinyl, usually used, just to say

The One With All the Facebook

One of my favorite questions to ask in an interview is the uninvention question – “throughout history, there have been a lot of inventions that have changed the world. If you had the power to uninvent any one thing, what would you uninvent?” It really gives you an idea of what they find important, and

Technology in the Classroom

As college students in the 21st century, I think we can all agree how vital technology and the Internet has been to shaping our outlook on life. Everything should be easy, fast, and convenient. If it’s not, then we probably don’t want to be bothered with it. Our primary mode of communication? – texting. Think

Inside Miller Hall

Today, my schedule for the Fall 2012 semester was created! I am really excited to be taking six business courses towards my Accounting major. Even more exciting is that all of my classes are in Miller Hall! Miller Hall is the beautiful and new as of 2009 academic building which houses both the undergraduate and graduate

Earth Structure & Dynamics: Dreaming in 3D

One of the courses I am teaching this term is Earth Structure & Dynamics (GEOL 323), a second-level geology course, and a required class for all Geology majors.  This course combines structural geology, tectonics, geophysics, and a pinch of historical geology.  Thirty-four students enrolled in this year’s class, that’s plenty, and free seats are hard

Swem Stress Relief Center

What? There is one of those? I know it’s hard to believe because stress lives on all three floors of Swem Library, especially the third which is too quiet for my taste. However, in the basement of Swem lies the solution to all problems, well at least for a little while. Though I am revealing


Get Me The Griffin…And Get Him Some Pants

Admit It! You’ve been a bit perplexed by our mascot’s lack of legwear.  Last spring, William & Mary revealed a new Mascot; the Griffin.  The mythical creature has the head of an eagle (a nod to William & Mary’s American history as the second oldest college in the United States) and the body of a