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My Jamaican Summer

Alright I got behind on my posting again (about two months) so I am going to be rushing to get some stories out while they are still fresh in my head. One of the benefits of studying at St Andrews is that I have covered many more topics of study between William & Mary and

Transfer Back to W&M

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to transfer out of the William & Mary St Andrews Joint Degree Programme after four semesters and, as a result, will be returning to William & Mary this fall as a regular student. I would not consider myself a cautionary tale for people who are considering to

St Andrews’ Studying, Grades and Exams (oh my)

Now that I have finished up my 2nd year at StAs I feel like I now know enough about the British system to comment on it. The first thing that students at StAs will come to know is that your reading is fundamental and the primary source of learning. Now this does not mean that

Food at St Andrews

At William & Mary you have choices in how you want to use your meal swipes (Sadler, the Cafe, or Market Place?) and your Dining Dollars (OK, so pretty much just Domino’s). At St Andrews the system is a little bit different, the dining halls are within residence halls (at least you get to know

Rowing at St Andrews

One of the activities that I picked up at William & Mary was rowing and I loved it. Coming to St Andrews there is a bit of a difference. We have to row in Perth which is about an hour away by car (which I also drive sometimes…on the wrong side of the road) and

My (positive) experience with the National Health System

Note: All St Andrews students are registered with the National Health System (NHS) during the first week (called Fresher’s week), the system allows for completely free medical service for students and for that reason is fantastic. 90% of the heartache suffered in this post was because of my own stupidity and I in no way

Hello from a WaMStA!

I started on this blog a BIT later than was planned (only about 4 months) so I have just a little catching up to do but first I’ll start with a bit of an introduction. Hello! And welcome to Andrew Schwieder’s new blog. I am 20 years old, born in San Francisco and raised in

Fresher’s Week: The Adventure Begins

Looking out of my dorm window, I find myself wondering how recently I could have been in Virginia enjoying humidity and Colonial American architecture. Now, my dorm window reveals a fierce Scottish wind and the rolling hills of Scotland.  I walk along cobbled streets—not that Colonial red brick—but brown stone. It has taken me two

Nap time.

This is my first post and I am still quite jet-lagged, so bear with me. Constant activities haven’t helped with my sleep deprivation either, but I’m not complaining about that. I arrived here Saturday at around 2 pm Scotland time, or 9 am Williamsburg time, after a 7 hour flight from Dulles airport in DC,

Looking Back

It is incredible that in a little over two weeks I will be in Scotland walking up and down the cobbled streets of Fife. I will have traveled thousands of miles away from my family in Washington State and my friends in Virginia who started at William and Mary several weeks before me.  I will