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Dear Class of 2014

Think of your greatest fear. Maybe it’s something tangible, like spiders or snakes. Maybe you’re afraid of the dark or of losing a loved one. Maybe it’s something on a larger scale, like a pandemic or war. If you were to ask me four years ago what my biggest fear was, I would have said

Spring Break by Kelley

There is something about a road trip that excites me. I don’t know if it’s the endless opportunities, the sense of adventure, or the forced bonding time, but I absolutely love road trips. This year’s Spring Break not only came with an arctic air, but a deep-seated nostalgia for home. I spent Spring Break this

The Anti-list Manifesto

Ten things every human should know: 1. Love is the essence of life and all understanding 2. Spend time with yourself 3. You will get out of life what you put into it 4. Sometimes the things you thought were the biggest mistakes turn out to be the greatest blessings 5. Carpe Diem 6. Try

The Hand You’re Dealt

Sometimes we find ourselves in an unpredictably difficult bind trying to figure out what move we are going to play next. We weigh the options in front of ourselves considering the possibilities, the ramifications and the consequences, but cannot predict the ultimate outcome. With our best poker face we navigate decisions – both simple and

Just Do You

As I’m sitting here in Swem for the fifth night in a row, procrastinating on a paper I should have started yesterday, I’m thinking about how quickly this semester has gone—it has been, undoubtedly, the best semester I have had thus far. Junior year, with graduation becoming now more of an imminent event rather than

When the Real World Shuts Down

Walking through the streets of Washington, D.C. there is an air of uncertainty that permeates all that we do these days. This uncertainty is accompanied by a skepticism and distrust in government that I have never felt before. It is disheartening, this feeling of uncertainty, yet I understand the frustration that many people are feeling.

The Trek to Blue Mountain Peak

The second weekend after arriving in Kingston, I joined three other interns who work in the office and their roommate on a hike to the highest point in Jamaica, Blue Mountain. The trip up was treacherous, the lack of sleep was strenuous, and the hike itself was arduous, but it was the experience of a

Finding Your Light

Belonging. It’s the thing that defines us, controls us, consumes us and encourages us. It’s the reason that we push ourselves to be something that we are not, the reason that we work hours on end to come up with the image that we hope to project to people and the reason that we are

The Loan Repayment Game

Among the many complex paths of financial aid procedures, perhaps no other rivals the multitude of repayment options for student loans.  New federal legislation seems to appear almost weekly, which makes keeping abreast of the rules challenging for many borrowers.  Compounding the changes is the unfortunate and frustrating fact that Congress has decided to select

Raindrops on Roses

Though I may not be singing about them during a storm while dancing through curtains as the governess of seven children, here are a few of my favorite things: Finding a bobby pin. They are literally EVERYWHERE. Except when you’re out to dinner or in class or at the gym and those few hairs slip