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William & Mary Winter Washington Seminar: Day 3 and 4 Overviews

Monday was a fantastic day for the William & Mary Washington Winter Program. Not only did I go home with ten frozen fingers and a bag full of EPA booklets, but also with a new confidence in my journey discovering my own career path. We started our day by visiting the USAID office where we

Ted Cruz

Whirlwind to the End

I can’t believe this is the last week of classes. Together, the students in our program have grown into young professionals and learned things that can never be taught in a classroom. I’ll give a recap of what we’ve been up to. A few weekends ago, most of the program went down to campus for

What I wanted to be when I was grown up

A fireman, a lawyer, an astronaut, a scientist, a professional lottery winner, a philanthropist, even a male model were all on my list of future careers as I was growing up. Being homeless for three years certainly wasn’t on the list. Nor was the hereditary health problem that caused me to become homeless, be discharged

This could change your life.

Have you ever faced a moment that might change your life? Do you remember the feeling? It’s a lot of nervous anticipation combined with excitement and cautious optimism. There’s also a lot of, “how did I get here?” I know the feeling, because it’s exactly how I feel right now. As I write this, I’m

Ghana for Four Days: How to Use the Liberal Arts

I hope everyone had a great summer. I am sure there were many internships, jobs and needed relaxing. I traveled to Ghana. I traveled with one of William & Mary’s Social Entrepreneurs, Ali Siddiqui, who serves on the board of the Acumen Fund, the world’s largest social investor, and runs a private equity shop in

Elephant at the Zoo

Getting Comfortable

Well, the DC Fall intern class has officially completed our first full week of work! Armed with pantsuits, briefcases and walking shoes, we venture out every morning with the fellow Crystal City-ers with “real jobs”. Not to say our jobs aren’t real or that we aren’t doing just as much work (and more) than our

7 Helpful Tips for the Job Search

Long gone are the days of cold calling (and emailing)! It’s time to take matters into your own hands, with a refreshed perspective. By now, I’m sure you’re all experts at applying to college (and maybe internship and jobs as well). However, there are some things we may overlook or forget. Below are seven tips

Reaching New Heights

After graduating a few months ago, I returned home to my friends, family and seasonal job. All three things are reliable staples of my hometown, and have become new routes that lead back to my experience at William & Mary. There is a fountainhead of W&M alumni that have migrated to DC from Williamsburg, and

My Jamaican Summer

Alright I got behind on my posting again (about two months) so I am going to be rushing to get some stories out while they are still fresh in my head. One of the benefits of studying at St Andrews is that I have covered many more topics of study between William & Mary and

The DC Experience /// Site Visits pt. 2

In my last post, I began summarizing my favorite site visits that our Leadership & Community Engagement Institute took during our two week class. Below, I have listed and described four more standout visits. 5. Perhaps one of our most resonating visits came Mike Powell, the son of former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. He