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On-Campus Interviews for Rising High School Seniors

We Admit It!  We get pretty psyched for interview season to begin.  It means each day throughout the summer, when the campus itself is quieter, we get to see hundreds of eager prospective students come through our doors excited to meet with our supremely awesome Senior Interviewers. We’ve been very purposeful about how we craft

Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  Negotiating the waitlist is far from a precise process.  At this point, our incoming freshman class is full but we do believe we will likely be able to make a small handful of additional offers throughout the summer. Yesterday, we sent an email to all students still active on the freshman waitlist

Transfer Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  The waitlist is aptly named.  Applicants wait, we wait, everyone waits for the class to settle.  At this point, we have had a chance to review the incoming transfer cohort and we will be able to admit some students from the transfer waitlist for the fall semester.  Exactly how many students remains

Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  The waitlist process is somewhat of a tricky one.  It’s a process with no absolutes, no set timeline, no predictability.  As it plays out, it often feels like we’re taking two steps forward and one step backwards.  It probably feels similarly for those students on the waitlist.  With that all being said,

Welcome, welcome

Congratulations and welcome to the Tribe fall 2014 transfers! I know it was a long time coming but the wait is finally over! Our admission team saw something amazing and unique in each and every one of you! As a current student, let me be the first to say how excited I am to meet

Decisions, Decisions — Fall 2014 Transfer Edition

We Admit It!  Transfers, your time has come.  Decision emails are being sent at this very moment.  The long wait is finally over.  Below is all of the information you need to know regarding how we release decisions.  Following that is information on each of the three decisions we make.  We ask that you read

A few of my favorite things

Green and gold t-shirts and coming in with credits; Admission decision emails and early registration Getting to pull all the transfer strings These are a few of my favorite things! But really, here are 10 of the most awesome things about being a transfer at William and Mary! Transfers bring all kinds of distinctive experiences

Overheard in Transfer Committee — Preparation for Majors

Admit It! Transfers.  You’ve been patiently waiting for your turn to be in the spotlight.  Well your time has come.  Transfer Committee commenced and our discussions are well underway.  As with our freshman process, we are enjoying reviewing your applications and the discussions that ensue. Overheard in Transfer Committee: Looks like he’s taken great courses

15 Reasons Why I Chose W&M

Day for Admitted Students was this weekend, and William & Mary welcomed over 3,000 students and their families to campus. As a tour guide, I’ve been volunteering with DFAS for three years now, and every year the tribe pride that accompanies the occasion is unrivaled. Admitted students are exceptionally great because they’ve already applied and

A Personal Argument for William & Mary

We Admit It! We love it when a plan comes together.  With Dean Livingston out on maternity leave while our admitted students look for guidance to help them make their decision about where to enroll next fall, Dean Broaddus himself put together a blog entry for us in the form of a slideshow to offer his personal