Welcome, welcome

Welcome, welcome

Congratulations and welcome to the Tribe fall 2014 transfers! I know it was a long time coming but the wait is finally over! Our admission team saw something amazing and unique in each and every one of you! As a current student, let me be the first to say how excited I am to meet

The End is Nigh

That may sound a little apocalyptic, but I’m getting down to the two-week mark left in my college career, so forgive me. We’ve just finished our last week of classes, which usually is a happy moment, and this year it was happy but also tinged with nostalgia. “This is the last time I’m going to

Winter Olympics!

Сочи I love the Olympics. Whether it’s summer or winter, Europe or Canada, Olympic or Paralympic, I will be watching and downloading 500 apps on my phone to stay constantly updated on every event throughout the games. I am glued to the games from the opening to the closing ceremonies. I love watching the parade

Brown Paper Packages tied up with string…

One of my favorite things about William & Mary is the bragging rights. You go to the oldest college in the nation? I go to the oldest university. You have to pledge an honor code at your college? My college has the first and oldest honor code in the country. This important guy in history

A few of my favorite things

Green and gold t-shirts and coming in with credits; Admission decision emails and early registration Getting to pull all the transfer strings These are a few of my favorite things! But really, here are 10 of the most awesome things about being a transfer at William and Mary! Transfers bring all kinds of distinctive experiences

Going Green…and Gold

Green has been a pretty popular color as of late. Some people “go green” to help the environment and spread awareness of how harmful our actions can be to our gentle planet. Others celebrate their Irish heritage by dyeing their town river green and wearing shamrock hats on St. Patrick’s Day. Some people just want

Show it off

My second favorite holiday of the year is St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it’s the Irish heritage, or growing up in the Boston area, but there is nothing better than decking yourself out in as much green as possible. St. Patrick’s Day takes on a very different tone at William & Mary. While everyone is Irish

Kate runs on Dunkin

William & Mary is wonderful. It’s a gorgeous campus, the weather is typically significantly warmer than home, and the people are fantastic. But this winter has been cold and wet. The best part about Spring Break is the minimal work that typically needs to be done. It’s half-way through the semester (I refuse to countdown

Charter Day

February 8th, otherwise known as Charter Day, is a day that has a very significant meaning for every student here at William & Mary. However, Charter Day tends to be extra special for me because not only is it the birthday of my favorite place on Earth, but it is also my own birthday! While

2013 in Review

I get it, it’s February. New Year’s decorations have been cleared, sparkling cider bottles recycled, and resolutions left to the wayside. But William & Mary made 2013 possibly the best year yet. Despite being a transfer student, I spent the spring semester of 2013 studying abroad in Grenoble, France. In high school, I had always