W&M Alumni Living the W&M Vision – Changing the World

W&M Alumni Living the W&M Vision – Changing the World

In this entry, Charlotte Mabon, ’15, serves as guest blogger. Below is her reflection from a recent Community Engagement Lunch Discussion. 2002 William & Mary graduate Abbitt Woodall is now the director of a local non-profit agency called Housing Partnership Inc. Located right in Williamsburg, HPI uses state and local government funds to provide essential

Being Greek is about earning your keep when your family needs you most

Last week I was asked to speak to the new members of social fraternities at W&M. It was an honor I took seriously. I wrote the following speech and hope it serves as a guide for a few other people as they contemplate their role in community. There are dozens of lists that declare an

Reflections on the W&M Charter and a Charge to the Class of 2015

In this blog entry, Kendall Lorenzen, a junior at W&M serves as guest blogger. Below is the script from the speech she gave at the annual Junior Ring Ceremony. I love everything that the Charter of the College of William & Mary represents. It is our origin story. It is our connection. It is the

Never Forget Your Name Out There — Welcome New Students

Colin Danly, a junior at William & Mary, provides a guest blog. The blog is written in the form of a speech he would give to incoming freshmen at the College. Welcome class of 2030! It fills me with great pride to be able to speak with you all today. My time here was a

The Greatest Aspirations of Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is often described by individual or collective action, conducted with a systematic approach, designed to address issues of social concern. Grounded in democratic governance, it is a means by which balanced and measured decision-making for the public good determines the policies by which decisions are made or reform is enacted when it does

Hearing Grace During Finals

Often saying grace gets wrapped up in the To Whom or For What and then many people abandon the activity. In my estimation it’s not about whom I am speaking with that’s important. It’s instead about hearing more than saying. The funny thing about saying grace is that you actually do not need to say

Wishing the Class of 2016 Consuming Unity of the Tribe by George Srour ’05

George Srour ’05, founder of Building Tomorrow, offers his best wishes to the Class of 2016. George received the Monroe Prize for Civic Leadership in 2005. Check out the news coverage. I wish you the consuming unity of the Tribe. I wish you the discovery of a voice and of a passion that will define your

Best Wishes Class of 2016 by Cosmo Fujiyama ’07

Cosmo was the recipient of the prestigious Monroe Prize for Civic Leadership in 2007. Check out the news coverage.  Dream HUGE. Have a random conversation a day with someone new. Give yourself permission to try, fail and learn. Love yourself. Be yourself. Be mindful. Go tribe!!!! I wish you many cups of Wawa’s premiere Mac

Wishes for New Students from W&M Graduate Katherine Eklund

Katherine Eklund’s wishes for the Class of 2016: My wish for you… More questions than answers. “Ah-ha” moments. Mistakes, failures, and lessons learned. Days when you decide it’s more important to play that intramural soccer game, get dinner with that friend, or take that ride out to the James River on a perfect Saturday afternoon,

Welcome New Students

The residence halls will soon spring to life for another glorious academic year. The incoming class is the most accomplished to this point in their collective life as any our university has ever welcomed. Freshman and transfer move-in is among my favorites sites of the school year. There is such emotion on campus. For as