Best Thing I Ever Ate – Williamsburg Edition

Best Thing I Ever Ate – Williamsburg Edition

Ok, so I am a huge foodie … for those of you who aren’t really sure what I am talking about, Urban Dictionary has graciously provided us with a definition that I think suits me well.  “A foodie is a person who loves or a has a deep admiration for food and eating food. They

Williamsburg Summer Bucket List

I’m spending the summer in Williamsburg as an Admission Intern, and plan to take full advantage of everything this town has to offer: Make all of my fellow interns ride the front row of the Griffin (has to be the front row, or else it doesn’t count!) and the Mach Tower at the Busch Gardens

A William & Mary Family?

Today something very exciting happened to me on a tour, a mom asked if my family was a “William & Mary family”—aka a family that has had a long-standing connection to the College with generations of Tribe members.  The question was brought on because I mentioned as I made the walk backwards throughout campus that