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Lifelong Member of the Tribe

September 28, 2008 by

Even though Homecoming is still a month away, I can’t help but get excited for the weekend to arrive.  My William and Mary experience has been shaped by both the students who are still here with me on campus and by the students who have already graduated, and I am so excited to welcome every member of the Tribe back.  The entire community is excited to have everyone back in Williamsburg again.

As the weekend approaches, Williamsburg is getting ready to host thousands of people and the campus is getting prepared.  As Greek organizations plan homecoming brunches, the Student Alumni Council is planning dinners, and the football team is practicing for the game.

Being a member of the Tribe is a lifelong commitment and nothing proves that more than Homecoming weekend.  It’s quite the spectacle seeing current students and graduates alike painting their faces green and gold, cheering for the Tribe.  It is wonderful to know that the traditions of the class of 1948 are still the same traditions of the class or 2010.  Homecoming brings a deep sense of unity and a deep sense of pride knowing that you belong to something bigger than yourself, especially something as wonderful and historic as William and Mary.

I am so grateful for everything William and Mary has given me, and I know I will always to try to give back to the school that has given me so much.  Luckily, I still have two more years here, but I am still excited for the day I can bring my family for Homecoming weekend many years from now and share with them my Tribe experience.

Student Happenings

September 10, 2008 by

One of my favorite things about William and Mary is the amount of student-motivated activism that goes on here on campus.  When looking that the wide array of clubs that exists here on campus (over 400), it is clear that William and Mary students like to stand up for what they believe in.  Each night on campus there is also a wide variety of events to attend; and never once have I ever been bored.

If there is a state, national, or international problem, big or small, William and Mary students will find a way to get involved and create change for the better.  Whether it’s raising money for victims of domestic violence, expanding medical outreach in the Dominican Republic, or tutoring students in Williamsburg, student are learning how to identify issues and solve them.

The College sends out an email each Thursday and Sunday called “Student Happenings.”  Student Happenings is probably one of the longest emails we get each week because it notifies us of every event happening over the next couple of days.  Student organizations can email in a list of their events in order to inform the rest of the campus about it.

Whether the South Asian Student Organization is having a Bollywood Night, the University Center Activities Board is hosting Guster, or Kappa Delta is hosting their school-wide philanthropy Campus Golf, there is always something to do.

Most events are free for students, and there is always something to do.  Professors are often at a lot of events, and now, more and more Williamsburg community members are attending as well.

Office Hours

September 1, 2008 by

This year I have truly started taking advantage of the office hours professors hold. One of the things I love about our College is the true undergraduate experience offered here. Professors teach 100% of undergraduate classes, and in every class I have taken, I feel like the professor has prioritized his or her classes above all.

Each professor at the College offers office hours, normally two to three times a week. This is basically a time when students are welcome to come, no appointment necessary, to discuss what we are learning in class or just to get to know each other. This year has been wonderful because I feel like I am truly getting to know some of my professors outside of the classroom as individuals. Whenever you go on college tours you always hear that professors are “so accessible” and “eager to meet students,” and here, that is the truth.

I have enjoyed walking into my professors’ offices and talking about their research, their life experiences, and what drew them to the college. It has been so rewarding to step out of the classroom and continue conversations that enhance what we have been studying for weeks. I have grown to appreciate my professors outside of the typical teacher role, and have gone on to understand and view them as adventurers, entrepreneurs, activists, and leaders.

Continuing the academic experience outside of the classroom has enhanced my desire to learn and my belief in their commitment to the community here at William and Mary.

Election 2008: We Decide

July 14, 2008 by

The deeper into this election we get, the more I have come to realize that the words “YOUTH VOTE” are more than just a couple of buzz words. The youth of America is in a unique position to have more influence in this election than we could have ever thought possible.

Now it’s more important than ever to register to vote. The Student Assembly held a voter registration drive thisrock the vote past year in which we registered over 1,000 students. It was amazing to see so many William and Mary students step up and take responsibility for our future by registering.

This year, over 6 million people ages 30 or younger voted in the primaries, doubling any previous record ever set. Regardless of how many media campaigns focus on the record number of youths registering, what’s important to stress is actually showing up to the polls in November.

It is up to us to get the word out and register our friends so visit these two great websites that focus on the youth vote to learn more:

DECLARE YOURSELF: www.declareyourself.com

ROCK THE VOTE: www.rockthevote.com

declare yourself

Subway chatter

July 14, 2008 by

Ever since leaving campus this summer, I have truly missed waking up everyday to a campus full of my closest friends. Each student at William and Mary inspires me, and I am honored to call myself a member of the Tribe.

Waking up early to go into work on a Saturday, I was missing school a bit and decided to show some schoolT-shirtpride by sporting a William and Mary t-shirt. I jumped on the A subway uptown, and after the doors closed, a man walked up to me and said his son really wants to go to William and Mary. He started asking me statistics, asking me how his son could get in. I told him there was no magic formula, but that his son should just be himself when filling out his application.

He got off at the next stop, and a woman walked on and took his place. She, observing my shirt as well, said, “Oh, quite the up and coming school I hear.” I smiled and told her it was a great place.

It wasn’t long until a THIRD person commented on my shirt within a five minute span. He told me that he graduated from William and Mary and never missed a homecoming. He made me promise that I would do the same. I swore I would.

By the time I got off of the subway, I was ready to talk William and Mary with just about anyone who would hear it. It wonderful to know that hours away, William and Mary causes just as much excitement as it does in the good old Williamsburg.

Welcome to the Tribe!

July 14, 2008 by

On the train home from New York City today, I received a text message from a friend who just graduated fromTribe my high school. He has wanted to go to William and Mary for awhile now but was unfortunately put on the wait list earlier this year. His text message yesterday read, “I was accepted off of the wait list!” I immediately called him.

Being that he already committed to another college and paid the deposit, it was going to take a lot of convincing for his parents to allow him to accept the position off of the list. He started quizzing me with questions until his mother took over asking me questions.

After answering all of their questions, I had to take a minute to step back and realize just how amazing our school really is. I couldn’t believe that all of this was true. All of these options were available to us everyday. I couldn’t help but stop for a moment and be grateful for everything William and Mary offered me.

The next day I found out that my friend was going to come to William and Mary next year. It brought me great pride to be the first to welcome him to the Tribe.

The Tribe, NYC Chapter

July 14, 2008 by

Working in New York City this summer, it took some adjusting to get used to the Big Apple. Coming from a community as close as William and Mary, walking past streets of people you don’t recognize was quite the change. A week or so after I started working in New York, I received an email titled “The Tribe, NYC Chapter.” A fellow student living in New York compiled a list of all of the undergraduates working in the city and started planning events that we could all attend together. Events were hosted, dinners were planned, and dates were set.

Being in a new environment, it’s important to take full advantage of your settings; however, every once in awhile, it’s nice to return to your comfort zone. It is wonderful being able to meet up with a few friendly faces here and there to keep the Tribe pride alive.

This goes to show just how far the William and Mary community can reach.