What is Your Qadr?

What is Your Qadr?

Back in college, one of the most influential moments I recall was when Professor Tamara Sonn explained the concept of qadr in relation to human beings. The Arabic word, which can be interpreted to mean ‘power’ or ‘destiny,’ refers to one’s potential. It was the first class of the semester, and Professor Sonn wanted us to think about our potential. Though she

9 Things No One Tells You at the College

  To my incredibly talented and inspiring Tribe Family: 1. You’re not going to get straight A’s anymore. It’s a terrible thing to realize, as many of you are used to being the top in your class. However, the courses at the College are downright challenging, so there’s no surprise there. But guess what? You

7 Helpful Tips for the Job Search

Long gone are the days of cold calling (and emailing)! It’s time to take matters into your own hands, with a refreshed perspective. By now, I’m sure you’re all experts at applying to college (and maybe internship and jobs as well). However, there are some things we may overlook or forget. Below are seven tips

Time moves faster than you think, so cherish it!

It’s been a year since I graduated from W&M, took a leap of faith and moved to Thailand – completely on my own. Since I’ve been abroad, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most inspiring people. I teach English at a school in the mountains. It’s a remote village, and the

Six Important Things to Add to Your “To-Do” List

For all of you preparing for graduation, listen up. I have some valuable advice for the class of 2013. To the classes of 2014, 2015, 2016, don’t worry! You still have time. However, this advice is certainly just as applicable to everyone at the College, so you may proceed. Slow down. How, you ask? Well,

A free handbook for you (from the Tribe Family)!

Dear classes of 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, Welcome back! And for the freshmen and transfer students: Welcome to the Tribe family! Green and gold now flows through your veins, so do the Tribe proud! I write to you from a little town in northwest Thailand called Mae La Noi. Tucked between picturesque mountains and rice

From Overachiever to Taking a Breather

Hey Tribe! A wise friend once told me to find joy in the little things in life. He’s still one of my closest friends and mentors today, and his words continue to hold true. The truth is, we all lead quite busy lives. And if you are part of the William & Mary Tribe, then

Stop Searching for Dream Jobs

Hello Tribe! It’s good to be back here, this time, blogging as an alumna of the College! Commencement was only a couple of months ago; still, I miss those warm brick paths, spacious grassy areas for lounging/studying, and people watching on the Sadler Terrace. Today, I am writing you from Chiang Mai, Thailand; it is

Life is Good

I know many of you may often feel loss, as I know I do most of the time. And when it comes down to understanding why something happens, or why we cannot control nor contain situations, we end up overexerting ourselves. I know I do.  But it’s exhausting. And while it’s easier to offer my

Tribe Pride = Self-Expression

A couple of weeks before the end of the Spring 2011 semester, I had the pleasure of serving on the “Panel on Mental Health Issues in the W&M Community.” The panel, which included Dean Volp (Dean of Students), Dr. David Goode-Cross (Counseling Center), and myself, served as an open forum for the student body, staff,