Nom Noms

Nom Noms

As a college student, there is nothing better than free food. Whether it be give-aways or free samples, we can never get enough (when Chipotle offered free burritos opening day, we stood in line for over three hours to get one). So in this post I would like to give a shout out to Professor

Money Can’t Buy Happiness.

Some things in life are fabulously wonderful, a trip to Cancun, sailing on a yacht, or owning a Lamborghini. Unfortunately, as a college student, most of these things are unrealistic for us. Instead, we must take pleasure in the simple things in life such as: 1. Running into people you know in places you never

Smile You’re in Sea Isle.

There is a place I know that makes me smile, That is building memories of a fun filled child. Golden sand and an ocean of blue, A perfect place for two twins I knew. Fun filled days so much to do. Never enough time for these wonderful two. A walk on the promenade is such

The Trials and Tribulations of Cooking in College

So I have recently moved into my apartment for the summer and I FINALLY have my own kitchen. No more meal plan for me; instead, its time for me to branch out and start “feeding myself”. I have gotten into cooking lately and have been making relatively simple but delicious meals like tacos, salmon, burgers,

American Dreams…the great way to procrastinate.

So I wouldn’t say I have a lot of free time this summer. As interns, we work 8-5 each day, which means I wake up at seven. And because I have to wake up around seven, this means I usually try to go to bed at a reasonable hour (say twelve).  Add in dinner and

Home Sweet Home.

After making the decision to fly the coop of William and Mary last semester and study abroad, I am now back in Williamsburg and having a slightly hard time making the adjustments from the bright lights of London to the quaint town of Williamsburg. There have been certain things in particular that I still have