The Value of Vinyl

The Value of Vinyl

I got my first turntable when I was 13 years old, but it’s only now dawning on me how the medium had avoided technological extinction. My turntable was a birthday present that I mostly used to play my mom’s old Beatles’ records on. Eventually, I started buying my own vinyl, usually used, just to say

Gluten Free In Williamsburg

My initial instinct when blogging is to write grandiose posts that encompass all of student life and each possible student concern, wrapping each up nicely with the writing-equivalent of a slow camera fade set to inspirational music.  After several disparaging attempts, I’ve put epic on the shelf for more specific how-to’s and individual anecdotes from

Fill In The Blog

Dear (Sir/ Madam), Welcome to my first blog post! I’m pretty (excited / intimidated), but hopefully with this blog I can tell you all about the ways that William & Mary has helped shape my (long-term goals / everyday decisions), or how I’ve learned to  (spread / focus) my time.  It seems like I’m always