One Hint to Survive a Summer in the 'Burg

One Hint to Survive a Summer in the 'Burg

A summer in Williamsburg means a couple things: heat, humidity, sweating, and most importantly, talking about sweating. A typical conversation in Williamsburg starts with the following: Tour Guide: How y’all doing today? Random Person on the Tour: Man, it’s hot as _________ (fill in the blank: appropriate answers would be along the lines of “blazes,”

Senior Year Wisdom

I’ll never forget my freshman year as I picked up my fraternity brother’s resume and was completely floored by it. He’d had incredible internships and working experience listed and a job at J.P. Morgan already lined up for him when he graduated. I was both impressed and intimidated, and wondered if I’d ever be able

BNOCs and Secret Societies

I LOVE William and Mary, so don’t get me wrong when I say this, but if there is one thing about this College I won’t miss, it is all the talk about secret societies and all the “who’s in and who’s not” hearsay. What happened to just hanging out and being friends? Why does it

Why Rush Into College?

April 2006 – It was 2 months from my high school graduation and my life was about to take a huge turn. After much discussion, my parents and I decided I wasn’t ready for college and I would need some time to mature. The solution? I would defer my admittance to W&M and spend a

Life Outside of the Fraternity House

After spending two years living in one of the wonderful on-campus fraternity housing units, I can say with a sense of relief that I FINALLY have my own room, my own space, and no one comes in it! So why do I find myself asking, “Where is everybody??” Don’t get me wrong, there are a

How Netflix is Ruining My Life

8.99 a month for one DVD out at a time and unlimited Instant Viewing capabilities. Seriously, life cannot get much better than that. Without homework to do every evening, I finally have the opportunity to catch up on all the shows and movies that I wasn’t able to watch throughout the school year. I’ve been

Laundry Without Mom

Gone are the days of having warm, folded laundry appear on my bed when I least expect it. Instead, three years ago as I lugged my hamper up the steps and started my first load of laundry, I managed to shrink all my t-shirts while forgetting to separate colors and whites. Coming home for my