Tips for Interviewing at William and Mary

Tips for Interviewing at William and Mary

Every year William and Mary opens the doors of its admission office to rising seniors in high school who wish to interview with current William and Mary students. This past summer I was one of those students fortunate enough to interview with nearly 200 prospective students as part of their application process to William and

The Music of Charter Day

For me, William and Mary has been especially rewarding not because of the things I have accomplished in the classroom, but rather the activities I’ve pursued outside of the classroom. I never would have imagined that a college could offer so many opportunities for students to pursue, get involved, and gain real live experience with

An Attempt at Peter Mayle (probably unsuccessful)

We are fortunate enough to have one of the greatest food establishments that the East coast has to offer within two minutes by car from campus. The Zagat rated, “Willy Wonka of Burgers” better known as Five Guys is the Mecca of burger lovers like myself. It is easily one of the most popular destinations

Kick, Push

I have a friend (shocker, I know). You might know him. He’s a tall guy and can be frequently spotted cruising through campus on his longboard. He inspired me to take up skating again this summer. I swear, when Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater came out back in 5th grade it seemed like everyone had picked up

Nick Gets His Head on Straight for the Summer

One warm evening this past May, I stood in front of the Wren building as I watched one of my closest friends deliver a speech to his classmates. I was far away, standing by the Botetourt Statue as I looked on the cap-and-gowned Class of 2010 assembled below him.  I felt like I was eating