The Anti-list Manifesto

The Anti-list Manifesto

Ten things every human should know: 1. Love is the essence of life and all understanding 2. Spend time with yourself 3. You will get out of life what you put into it 4. Sometimes the things you thought were the biggest mistakes turn out to be the greatest blessings 5. Carpe Diem 6. Try

The Hand You’re Dealt

Sometimes we find ourselves in an unpredictably difficult bind trying to figure out what move we are going to play next. We weigh the options in front of ourselves considering the possibilities, the ramifications and the consequences, but cannot predict the ultimate outcome. With our best poker face we navigate decisions – both simple and

When the Real World Shuts Down

Walking through the streets of Washington, D.C. there is an air of uncertainty that permeates all that we do these days. This uncertainty is accompanied by a skepticism and distrust in government that I have never felt before. It is disheartening, this feeling of uncertainty, yet I understand the frustration that many people are feeling.

Welcome Class of 2017 – Define Your Dreams to Determine Your Future

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington I thought it appropriate to address the Class of 2017 with a promise on the power of dreams… I remember fall 2009 when I moved into Spotswood along with 72 other freshman dreamers excited about where the future would lead, somewhat anxious to meet


Day after day I am bombarded with news about wars raging, violence ensuing, natural resources depleting and crises destroying lives of millions of people. I sit on the metro, tears welling in my eyes, feeling so small in a world that is consumed by distress. I stay up late nights making sketches of solutions to

Candlelight Ceremony: The Class of 2013 Alma Mater

In 1904 James Southall Wilson wrote the Alma Mater of the College. Directly translated to “nourishing mother”, this hymn represents all that has been, is, and is yet to come for William & Mary and the Class of 2013! Tomorrow morning when your name is called and you step up on stage to receive your

Finding Your Light

Belonging. It’s the thing that defines us, controls us, consumes us and encourages us. It’s the reason that we push ourselves to be something that we are not, the reason that we work hours on end to come up with the image that we hope to project to people and the reason that we are

The Class of 2013 Banner

I walked towards the banner today. Slowly, watching it grow larger as I approached from the distance. The last time I saw this banner was four years ago… The day was hot and muggy. We were all decked out in our preppy attire eager for the grand convocation welcome, and exhausted from a week of

The Importance of Giving

Lately I have been having a lot of moments where I stop and pause to think about the past four years at William & Mary. I find myself slowing down when I walk to and from class, pausing to notice little treasures about the College that once seemed unimportant. Have you ever noticed that there

The Year 2063

One of my favorite songs goes, “There will be a day with no more tears No more pain, and no more fears…” I often wonder what the future holds, but feel liberated by the fact that I will never know. Like great theorists and intellectuals who have come before me I can postulate about the