What do people do for you?

What do people do for you?

From this week’s volunteer listserv: Fifteen years ago, I met some good friends through my graduate program. They visited me this weekend from their home in Raleigh, where they tutor a little boy, improve energy efficiency in old buildings, and wrangle and dote on their three lively grandchildren. Over breakfast we discussed the big questions

Creating a Community

Branch Out held a Homecoming reception this weekend to welcome back alumni who participated in alternative breaks while they were here.  It was quite a crowd, with people buzzing in from all over the world.  Some of those I talked to had come from places as far away as Ireland, San Diego and Tanzania recently.

More than the sum

I was recently invited to share some remarks at the volunteer appreciation event at WindsorMeade, and wanted to pass them along to you, cyber world! I first started volunteering because of Burger King. My youth group at church had begun a regular Youth Work Day on Saturday mornings, where a bunch of us would pile

Privilege at the Dinner Table

Thanks to the initiative of my colleague Elizabeth Miller, some of us in the Office of Community Engagement – and others across campus – are joining in a Food Stamp Challenge.  That means that we’ve committed to eating on a budget of $4.31 per person per day, which aligns with the budget we’d have if

Stand-Up Paddle Lessons

Last week, I achieved a goal that has been nagging at my to-do list since I first saw a figure gliding down the James River last summer on a surf-board looking thing: I signed up for a Stand-Up Paddle lesson.  After 150 short minutes on the water with a paddle in my hands and a

From Women to Women

This fall, a grassroots committee of women staff, faculty and students are kicking off a pilot project we’re calling WM2: William and Mary Women’s Mentoring.  It all began this past February, when Elizabeth Miller and I watched Miss Representation, a screening sponsored by the Student Assembly and facilitated by Kim Green.  The movie shows a

Lessons Learned in Haiti

Summing up an AB experience can be difficult, and sharing what you learn is one way to do it while extending the knowledge to others.

Infinity of possibilities

How many times have you been asked what you’re going to do after graduation? If you don’t yet have an answer, it can be so painful to hear these questions, and to wrestle with them yourself.

Building the Beloved Community

As a long-time resident of Atlanta, I’ve been privileged to hear John Lewis, Andrew Young, Coretta Scott King and other paragons of the Movement speak, but I’d never had the chance to sit across a table from them and ask questions. The afternoon with Rev. Powell was uniquely inspiring for that reason.

Giving in the Season of Light and Peace

It’s pretty unpopular to speak up against thoughtless and obligatory consumerism in the midst of the winter holiday shopping season, but popularity isn’t always what we’re after when working for good in the community.