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Some of My in-class Experiences

August 29, 2008 by

I’ve gotten to take more than my share of interesting classes while I have been at the College. This semester I had the luck of getting into Yoga. I must admit my ignorance on the subject. Without a doubt, I am completely and utterly inept when it comes to yoga. For some odd reason though, it was still enticing. Hopefully it will be a great experience.

A class that I was really excited to take when I first transferred to the College was Modern Dance. Thats right people, I took Modern Dance. I personally think this is a bit of a misnomer, but I will leave that discussion for another day. I will say that I signed up under some false pretenses. I thought that when I was done, I would be able to dance like Usher. I could picture myself moon-walking and matrix-ing between classes. Unfortunately for me, this class was completely different than anything I had previously thought. Many of us re-lived our childhoods as we were taught the “correct” methods of doings things such as skipping, prancing, and galloping. It was quite the spectacle, but people seemed to have a lot of fun.

The GERs (General Education Requirements) provide opportunities for students to broaden their horizons. I took Modern Dance to fulfill one of my requirements. I have also taken other classes which were quite interesting. I took Geology which I dreaded at first. Professor Lockwood was incredibly contagious with her fervor and passion. To be honest, I thought it would be peculiar that a person could be enamored with rocks. As the semester unfolded I began to understand the different natural occurrences that I used to take for granted.

My undergraduate career is coming to a close (only 4 more months MOM!!!!) and I am already beginning to miss everything that this College has to offer academically. I have been pulled in many different directions with subjects that piqued my interest and curiosity. I have enjoyed taking classes that don’t really have much to do with Government and Philosophy. My final semester is no different as I am once again branching out. I am also taking Sociology of Sports (today we had a discussion about why Bull-Fighting was or was not a sport), Medicine and Ethics, and as you already know : Yoga. I love that this school affords me with a plethora/myriad of things to choose from in my academic career. My life is anything but mundane as I try to balance (literally in some cases) learning new positions, the Hippocratic Oath, and theories of play vs spectacle vs sport. Its shaping up to be an incredible semester


July 21, 2008 by

When I first transferred here, there was an event which fundamentally was significant of my entrance into the College. Of course this was during the first week of classes, so I was caught up in the frenzy of various things before this event. I didn’t even realize the importance of the event as when I got there I clearly was not dressed for the occasion. Everybody else was wearing shirt/tie or dresses. I came decked out in my formal attire. Formal for the weight room maybe. Sleeveless UnderArmour and some Nike basketball shorts with some slip on sandals. I got there, realized the mistake of my ways, and promptly began sprinting back to my dorm room to change.

I quickly put my shirt and tie on and then began a brisk jog back to the Wren building. After the guest speaker and President Nichol spoke, the entering class began filling through the Wren. Once we got up the stairs, everyone shook Gene’s hand and then proceeded through to the other side of the building. On the other side was waiting the rest of the campus community. They were cheering, screaming, and yelling for the entering class. It was an extremely passionate and inspiring event. I would liken it to a campus-wide party which was basically in my (or anyone in the entering class) honor.

My Favorite Season

July 17, 2008 by

My favorite season in Williamsburg would probably be Fall. This city has one of the most gorgeous autumns I have ever seen. The multitude of trees and foliage in this area produces a beautiful setting. Despite the fact that summer is now over and classes are in full swing, I often enjoy leaving a few minutes before class in order to walk a little slower than normal. I love to take everything in. The various colors of leaves decorate the cobblestone paths to various destinations. The Sunken Gardens somehow manage to stay free of all the fallen leaves though. The spans of fields of grass remain a vibrant green for the most part untouched by leaves. The Crim Dell however is a different story. The pond scum and algae are masked by the gentle hues of reds, browns, and yellows. I’m actually looking forward to this fall for more than just the next football season.

Pump Up Music

July 9, 2008 by

So myself and the rest of the interns had come to a conclusion one morning at about 8:15. The aptly named “dungeon” was far too serene, and we needed to get things jumping a little. There was a tension and energy which needed to be released by filling the air with the melodious sound of music. The only problem was… what should we play first?

Just about all the interns have some form or another of playing music. Some have MP3 players, some listen/watch the music videos on youtube, some use pandora (internet radio), and still some others have it already downloaded on iTunes.

For as many diverse platforms that we have to store or play our music, what is even more interesting would be our musical tastes themselves. I myself have an eclectic range of musical interests which hits many of the major genres. I can definitely say the interests of the other interns can definitely reflect a myriad of tastes and preferences. One fond memory I have would be when Kelley and I bursted into song while reciting some of the lyrics to one of Kanye West’s hits on College Dropout. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see me rocking out with Katie to one of Maroon 5′s many songs on their latest CD’s. It might surprise some to discover who the phone belonged to that was playing the ringtone by Tupac feat. Elton John called Ghetto Gospel; Sam. It should also be noted that Greg has been known to sing Chris Brown’s latest jams in addition to turning up the volume for 80′s work out music. Carrie has let it be known that one of her favorite songs is “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock. Tom, who is a part of UCAB (he can tell you all about it on his page), has a very unique addition to all of our tastes. In many cases he’ll throw out a name of someone I have never heard of but sounds pretty good. We definitely know all about some Girlicious now.

Anyway…. I can’t actually remember what we settled on that morning. What anybody reading this should take from it is that we all come from different backgrounds and interests. We’re more than happy to share them and indulge in them during our workday, and during our lives as students here.

Favorite Spot on Campus

July 1, 2008 by

My favorite spot here on campus (that isn’t in the rec center) would be in the Tyler Garden. It is home to a few statues which are dedicated to some of the more prominent members of the Tyler family. As some of you might know, John Tyler, someone who attended the College of W&M, was a former President of the United States.

The more interesting part about this point on campus would be the echoing point which is in the garden. The statues form the outskirts of a sort of semi-circle. Within the circle, one can stand and face toward a building (James Blair Hall) and speak. Nothing big is going to happen. When someone stands in the direct center of the circle, faces the wall, and speaks, they will actually hear their voice echo back to them. Only in this spot will this phenomena occur. Anywhere not on the exact center of the circle will not yield a result. So basically only the person speaking is going to be able to hear themself while bystanders who have not experienced this feat are bewildered. I’ve personally seen many people exchange looks of disbelief with those of incredulity when they finally understand the wonder of the Tyler Garden.

A life changing break

June 27, 2008 by

Probably one of the worst days in my life was when I fractured/broke my ankle and nearly severed a ligament in my foot.

I was playing basketball at the Rec Center, not unlike many other days. During a game of pick up, I elevated to attempt to dunk a rebound. Unfortunately on the way down I was undercut by someone on the other team (beware if I remember who you are). I landed with all of my weight on my right ankle and twisted it. I tried to shake it off as another twisted ankle and actually finished the game and played one more. Although excruciating, I was used to playing through pain, and I figured this was just a minor tweak.

It turned out that this case was anything but. I walked back to my dorm room and iced it for the evening and eventually fell asleep. I awoke to see my ankle was probably triple in size. It was purple and had swollen all the way up my calf. At this point I realized I should probably see a doctor. I ended up going through multiple X-rays and a plethora of different evaluations by doctors and orthopedic specialists. The verdict was that I had fractured the bone and the ligament was hanging on by a thread.

Now Williamsburg is known for many different things, but being accessible to people with crutches is probably not one of them. I had to endure 3 legged races to class everyday for the next 3 months until I could finally have surgery. It was not fun at all to crutch around campus for the limited time I was even allowed to be mobile. My forearms soon became the size of most peoples quads from all the extra attention from using crutches. The one thing that really did mean a lot was how helpful people around were. People I didn’t know often asked if they could carry my books or backpack. They would open doors for me and offer to help in anyway possible. The peculiar thing for me was that often times I hadn’t even met them.

Being as how I was a new student at W&M (I had only been here for a month and a half) this spoke volumes to the cohesion of the community. People genuinely cared about their neighbor’s welfare. I was definitely relieved once I was done with surgery and rehab to be able to walk again. I probably won’t ever be the same (I can’t play football anymore or make the same moves I used to be able to do). This was definitely an eye opening experience though. I learned a lot about the people I share this campus with. I was inspired to try and extend the same helping hand to people in need that was offered to me.

fun at work

June 23, 2008 by

As you can probably guess, I’m a fun loving individual who sometimes can get a little mischievous. I love to cause people slight inconveniences at my various work places (either at Bonefish Grill or in the Office of Admission). I have a few stories to highlight my love of keeping things lively at work:

-One time I brought a trick pen to work and let my co-workers and guests use it. It shocked whoever clicked it when they attempted to write with it.

-I once talked a new co-worker into sorting through the m&m’s to find all the W’s. The next step in the plan is to have her empty out all the hot water from the coffee machine (its unlimited) or to find bring us a pot of steam.

-I snuck up behind Kelley when she was innocently working on prospect cards in her serene, docile, cubicle. Then all hell broke loose as I started banging on a trash can to startle her.

-Since I’ve worked in a few restaurants, I have also been known to exaggerate with my customers about what sort of ingredients they might find in their food. My favorite one so far has been to tell them that their food contains dolphin… but only the ones that have been unfortunate enough to get caught in the tuna nets.

Random Pets

June 18, 2008 by

dogAs you readers have probably guessed, I can be pretty random. As someone who likes animals, my pets can also be very much like me in nature. I have a dog, a beagle by the name of Cali. She is extremely spoiled, she has a Coach collar. I’ve had friends joke that she is better dressed than they are. She is a gorgeous dog and she actually has green eyes, which I hear is pretty rare for her breed.

I also have a turtle who is over 15 years old. For some odd reason, my parents heard that they eat ground beef; so they decided to give Mr. Turtle some hamburger. This to me, defies anything and everything I’ve ever learned about the circle of life. I can’t imagine that in nature there are turtles who swoop out of the water to scoop up cows… pigs maybe… but definitely not something with udders. In any event Mr. Turtle went insane in his fervor for his new found food source and hasn’t been the same. One day after feeding my parents found him outside of his tank on his back (a four foot drop… not to mention that he somehow got out in the first place). But apparently he survived to see another day and lived to see another hunt.

Some more obscure pets I’ve had would be ducks. One year for Easter I actually had 10 of them, 2 of which were my favorites. Daisy and Quackers were my companions for a while. It was kind of cool to have 2 ducklings follow me around and mimic my movements. Despite the fact that I imagine I looked like a blithering idiot flapping my arms in a field to any passerby, upon closer investigation any bystander would have been able to witness “my babies” attempting to fly. All in all, it was an awesome experience to have ducks.

To learn more about the eel, you can actually read one of the other posts.

Things to never say to women

June 11, 2008 by

So the other night I went out with some friends to Red Lobster. Nearing the end of our meal, there was a very lucrative offer in the form of a bet which would have greatly been to my advantage. The wager was that I couldn’t get the waitress’ number. Being the kind of person to never turn down a challenge, I gladly accepted the offer. When the waitress returned, I began rambling things until I finally made my fatal error. I said that my friends were challenging me to get her number, and that even if she gave me the digits, I wouldn’t ever call. As soon as I finished speaking I knew that I had thoroughly erred. The table erupted with laughter and the waitress looked and seemed embarrassed/surprised at the whole ordeal. I mean really….WHO SAYS THAT?!?!?! However this dark rain cloud did have a silver lining when she did tell me I would have gotten her number had it not been for the fact that I said I wouldn’t call. This became even more shocking when she said that she was married…. oh the things I get myself into….

My Day At The Farmer's Market

June 9, 2008 by

Well… on Saturday I woke up kinda early and decided to take a drive. I ended up driving past CW (Colonial Williamsburg) and saw that there were some festivities going on. I parked and walked around to see what was happening. Basically people were setting up tents/booths to sell and advertise their products. They were from all over Virginia and were selling things from baked goods to fresh seafood. At the seafood booth I saw a sign which just said $5. When I got closer to see what was in the cooler, I found a live eel. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what a person would possibly do with a live eel… Anyway, in addition to this horror, there were many other fearful things at this market. There was a weird clown lady who was making balloon animals and entertaining children. (I’m deathly terrified of clowns). Further down was a table featuring the various wildlife which could be found throughout Virginia. In a jar on the table was a Black Widow Spider. At this point I was pretty much done with being terrified for the day, so I decided to go home and hide from the clowns, spiders, and eels.