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Campus Golf Fore the Win!

March 19, 2012 by

This is a semester of lasts. Last Charter Day, last midterms, last Spring Break and my very last Campus Golf.

In case you don’t know what Campus Golf is (I’m talking to you, prospective students), it is a game of campus-wide golfing … in costume. And let me tell you, I have seen it all. Over the past few years I have seen toy soldiers, Tetris, Jamaican bobsled teams and 101 Dalmatians (or at least 50 of them).

I love campus golf.

I love the costumes. I love the fact that we are playing golf with tennis balls.

But mostly, I love campus golf because it is one of those days that the campus feels small, in the best possible way. We all rush the Sunken Garden, armed with golf clubs and tennis balls. We run to the center of campus, ready to play.

On the way to my tee time I saw hall mates, classmates, some of my hall from Orientation and a few past teammates. We were all descending upon the Sunken Garden to play golf, people watch, but mostly, in hopes of reuniting with a friend from the past.

I always like William and Mary, but it is in those moments where you are getting pegged with a tennis ball by your overly-competitive best friend, singing into the golf club like a microphone and accidentally terrorizing your kind-hearted freshman caddy, that you realize that you really LOVE this school.

So, we may have whiffed once or twice, and a few of us may have cheated … but, we never lost the spirit of the day. What that spirit is, I’m not entirely sure … but, I’m pretty sure we had it.

Check out some of our interns and their campus golf teams!!

Jonathan and Kate strike a pose

Lora defending herself in the height of fierce competition

Erin as the Easter Bunny with some other mythical creatures!

Kate and some other seniors as the cast of Bridesmaids
























Wild and Wonderful

March 6, 2012 by

This spring break, I will be embarking on an epic adventure.

Forget the beach. Forget tropical waters. Forget bikinis. Forget warmth.

This spring break I will be embarking to the most exotic location that I can personally think of … West Virginia. How many places can you go to that are both “Wild and Wonderful”? None, other than WVA.

Typically, I think of West Virginia as a hilly barrier between home (Batavia, Ohio) and school. How many hours have I cursed the terrain that seems to spiral and twist up and up and up, only to twist all the way back down? Repeat this for about four hours, and I have successfully passed through West Virginia.

Now, I am seeing West Virginia in a whole new light. I am seeing it as a respite and an adventure with a few good friends, until cabin fever begins to weed away the weak.

I am seeing it as a week that, while planned to be filled with horseback riding, hiking, exploring local towns; will instead be filled with sleeping, eating, napping (a different form of sleep), lounging and board games. Why the change? Well, the ten-day forecast shows rain, rain, rain and a potential flurry.

Hopefully, we have an uneventful, clear drive only to be nestled in our cabin beds (which may or may not have sheets, we haven’t asked) by the time that the rain starts. And then in the morning, I will awake to my good friend Ali, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, making a gourmet breakfast on our stove (if our cabin has one). Next, I will pass Asha and Sam watching the morning news (if there is a television and cable) on my way to the bathroom (which is hopefully inside the cabin with modern plumbing). Only to begin my day reading under a lamp (if we have electricity) on a comfy sofa (if this place has furniture).

So, there may be a few things we don’t know. And with T-3 days until we leave, there are probably a few things we should figure out. But, in the spirit of procrastination, we’ll see what happens…

Let the voyage begin.

The Importance of Family

July 14, 2011 by

Yesterday my sister and my grandma came into town.  When my sister came into Admission, my roommate commented that it was the most talkative she has ever seen me at work.   I find that pretty shocking because I am rarely quiet.  I think the real explanation is that my sister and I have shockingly similar voices and from outside the office, it would just sound like I was somehow speaking over myself.

Anyways, you get it, I was pretty excited.

I could gush on about how wonderful family is, but I doubt that is something that anyone would want to read.   Or maybe I’m just projecting.

What I will do is highlight the benefits of family that are often overlooked.

Perspective:  Studying for the LSAT seems daunting until you have a sibling who is studying for the Bar Exam.  I may study for several hours a day, but he hasn’t seen sunlight for a week.

Belated birthday surprises:  It is your best friend’s birthday and you forgot.  Friendship terminated, right?  Not true with family, instead, you look forward to the belated gift.  The later it arrives, the greater the surprise.

The same accent and word choice:  Never in my own home am I mocked for saying “pop” or the particular way that I say “dad” (pronounced dayad).

Sun safety:  I never would have thought of this benefit until I met the Rison twins.  Same height and similar skin protection needs, twins are an obvious match for sunscreen sharing and assistance (please see attached photo).

Thank goodness for family.

Pork, Peanut and Pine

July 14, 2011 by

During the school year, I rarely go off campus for entertainment.  This is not because there aren’t plenty of venues to choose from, but instead, I don’t want to miss out on what is going on at William and Mary.  This summer, I am determined to take advantage of all that Virginia and DC have to offer.

Already, I have been able to take advantage of a show in DC, the Yorktown beaches and of course, Colonial Williamsburg.   There is so much more on my list!  By the end of the summer, I hope to have taken advantage of concerts in Richmond, Virginia Beach, camping in the Shenandoah and all the festivals that Virginia has to offer.  I’m not alone in this endeavor.  Myself and the rest of the Admission’s Interns keep a bucket list, which is growing at an exponential pace.   For every item that we are able to cross off, we add a few more.

I love getting out of town and seeing pockets of Virginia that I would never have seen if I didn’t go here.  I guess that’s my thinking behind all of this, see everything I can before I graduate.  Who knows where I will live next?

In the meantime…. Hello Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival!

Reading out loud all of the attractions at the Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival started to get us pumped up for the coming festival.

BBQ Cook-off:  I personally love the idea of competitive cooking.  A competition to see who can serve others the most delicious types of food?  I’m game.  Competitive cooking may only be second to competitive eating.

Funnel Cake: Nothing makes me sicker to my stomach than a funnel cake.  I can’t think of anything worse, actually.  But, other Interns seem to really enjoy the idea of this fried delicacy, so it will stay on the list for now.

Various bands (possibly involving banjo):  We will obviously be stopping by the grandstand, no questions asked.

Tie-dye, jewelry making, leather works:  Basically shopping at various booths in warm Virginia sunshine.  Sounds perfect.  I love to shop and I love the outdoors.  Win, win.

Pork, Peanut and Pine, get ready to say hello to the Intern class of 2011.


July 13, 2011 by

Staring into my fridge this morning, I came to a realization: I need to go grocery shopping.  And then, I came to another realization: I still needed to pack a lunch.

This is about the time when the creative juices really begin to flow.  How do I make a balanced meal out of chip dips, quesadillas and questionably still-good yogurt?  With a little ingenuity and the general rule that I will eat anything, it actually isn’t that difficult.

I have outlined the steps below:

Step one:  Retrieve several zip-lock bags and reusable Tupperware, it is best that none of these foods touch each other.

Start with your fruit and vegetable categories, combine them.   You have located tomatoes; you aren’t sure which category they belong to, so it must be both.  There you go, two parts of the pyramid covered.

Now you are on to protein.  Thank goodness, there is quiche in a zip-lock bag; you don’t even have to repackage it.  Protein? Check.  The quiche also contains fruits and vegetables.  Hopefully you aren’t overdoing it on the vitamins.

Dairy?  Please insert previously mentioned, questionable yogurt into lunch bag.

Carbohydrates are up next.  That’s easy enough.  There is always a loaf of bread around to snag a few slices from.   Add some condiments and some lunchmeat.  Awesome, more protein,

You are seriously on your way now.  The rest of the lunch is really up to you.  A second yogurt? A piece of fruit?  Some form of leftover dessert?  This is the time to really put that individual touch to your lunch, or the time to stick what’s remaining of your Cheerios into your lunch bag.

There you have it.  As exciting as a Lunchable and just about as balanced, Kraft and your mother would be proud.

Williamsburg Heat

June 24, 2011 by

For me, there are few things more refreshing than running through Colonial Williamsburg on a fall evening or running through Matoaka Trails on an early morning during the spring semester. There is really no better way to clear your mind, see the landscape and enjoy some recreation.

Running in the summer, just around noon… could very well be one of the worst possible ways to do this.

Let me explain. My summer roommate and I have decided to run a half marathon. Although both involved in high school athletics and active participants in both club and intramural sports here at the college, we are a bit out of running shape. And by a bit out of shape, I mean a lot out of shape. It’s been rough. For the most part we have attempted to run in the early morning and evening. It might have been a pretty pleasant morning run, if we had woken up before noon. What do you get when you combine a college sleep schedule with half marathon training? A nearly unbearable afternoon run (well, more like a slow jog). By the time we had run an experimental campus loop and rounded out the Sunken Gardens, we were pretty well exhausted.

Enter wedding guests.

Wandering down Richmond Road, seeking the Wren building, they spotted us. Normally, both my roommate and I love to talk to tourists, visiting students and any other guests to campus. But normally, we aren’t gasping for breath after an embarrassingly slow run. Gasping out directions and lifting our hands off our heads, just long enough to point, we gave some pretty incoherent directions.

In Williamsburg, in the center of all things hospitable and friendly, of course, the guests smiled and nodded as if they understood. We looked on, a little helplessly; as we watched the guests wander away, knowing that we were not the last students they would be stopping for directions.

Nine Hours

June 23, 2011 by

It is just about a nine-hour drive from Batavia, Ohio to Williamsburg, Virginia. I have made this trip at least 35 times. Double that for my parents. I typically forget to charge my iPod, so think about seven hours Top 40, one hour talk radio and one hour consisting of static and silence in the West Virginia Mountains. I wouldn’t drive this far for much, but I have no hesitation in driving this far for William and Mary. I will never think of this time as wasted. Instead, I think of it as an extension of my time at the College. I have spent these hours reading in the passenger seat, sleeping in the backseat and singing along to the radio if I am in the drivers seat.

If I am driving to William and Mary, I am thinking about seeing all of my friends, classes and the campus. When I am driving home, I am thinking about everything that I have just left.

I have never understood how I can leave campus, get in a car and recap my semester in nine hours. I’m sure that’s how my mom feels too, when she is subjected to nine hours of this verbal recap. She nods, agrees, disagrees and listens to me tell story after story.

I wonder if it ever gets old? It definitely gets repetitive, I’m sure about that.

I love this drive. Sure, I complain about how long it takes, but it is one of the most beautiful drives in the county and it is a time of true reflection. I’m not talking about reevaluating my life or choosing a new direction. I’m talking about taking the time to sweat the petty stuff. That time I spilled coffee all over myself, the three coats I have lost over the course of the semester, the four umbrellas that I have managed to break, I talk for hours, because I can. These are empty hours that need to be filled with the important, the emotional and the trivial.

These are hours that I would never get if it weren’t for the one-lane roads, the slow semi-trucks and the constant road construction. I’m not sure what I would do without these hours.

It seems strange to think that I only have a few trips left. Only a few more of those nine-hour windows to stare out at an ever-changing landscape, leaves that are green to gold as the seasons change, lining the way from home to home.

“Take me home, country roads.”