Campus Golf Fore the Win!

Campus Golf Fore the Win!

This is a semester of lasts. Last Charter Day, last midterms, last Spring Break and my very last Campus Golf. In case you don’t know what Campus Golf is (I’m talking to you, prospective students), it is a game of campus-wide golfing … in costume. And let me tell you, I have seen it all.

Wild and Wonderful

This spring break, I will be embarking on an epic adventure. Forget the beach. Forget tropical waters. Forget bikinis. Forget warmth. This spring break I will be embarking to the most exotic location that I can personally think of … West Virginia. How many places can you go to that are both “Wild and Wonderful”?

The Importance of Family

Yesterday my sister and my grandma came into town.  When my sister came into Admission, my roommate commented that it was the most talkative she has ever seen me at work.   I find that pretty shocking because I am rarely quiet.  I think the real explanation is that my sister and I have shockingly similar

Pork, Peanut and Pine

During the school year, I rarely go off campus for entertainment.  This is not because there aren’t plenty of venues to choose from, but instead, I don’t want to miss out on what is going on at William and Mary.  This summer, I am determined to take advantage of all that Virginia and DC have


Staring into my fridge this morning, I came to a realization: I need to go grocery shopping.  And then, I came to another realization: I still needed to pack a lunch. This is about the time when the creative juices really begin to flow.  How do I make a balanced meal out of chip dips,

Williamsburg Heat

For me, there are few things more refreshing than running through Colonial Williamsburg on a fall evening or running through Matoaka Trails on an early morning during the spring semester. There is really no better way to clear your mind, see the landscape and enjoy some recreation. Running in the summer, just around noon… could

Nine Hours

It is just about a nine-hour drive from Batavia, Ohio to Williamsburg, Virginia. I have made this trip at least 35 times. Double that for my parents. I typically forget to charge my iPod, so think about seven hours Top 40, one hour talk radio and one hour consisting of static and silence in the