Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

As college students in the 21st century, I think we can all agree how vital technology and the Internet has been to shaping our outlook on life. Everything should be easy, fast, and convenient. If it’s not, then we probably don’t want to be bothered with it. Our primary mode of communication? – texting. Think

Quiet Place

With all the hustle and bustle of college life, (and especially as W&M students) we hardly have any time to ourselves. Constantly on the go, running from one team meeting to rehearsal, from sports practices to work, from studying at Swem to a research lab. Between office hours and extracurriculars, who has time to just

Concerto Italiano

Other than wearing a much too billowy skirt on an unexpectedly breezy day, today is what I would call a successful day in Firenze.  It included lots and lots of window shopping, getting ideas for gifts and where I can get them; a delicious, meaty sandwich (I often crave meat since there’s so much PASTA

Venetian Fireworks

We just got back from our weekend in Venice, during which there happened to be fireworks right by Piazza San Marco. “I don’t know why, but I just love fireworks!” said one of my roommates while dodging her head around to get the best view possible. I think most of us appreciate fireworks for their

There Are No Mistakes

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Italy for four weeks now, and have been to eight different towns/cities already and have more to visit before the end of my next three weeks! Here’s just a taste of Italy for you all… Italy has been unbelievable-I’ve learned so much about Italian culture and history, but

Ode to New England

Amazing fall foliage, sweet and sticky apple picking, pumpkin patches, snowy beaches, sleigh rides down main street, cross country skiing before the plows get on the roads, honeysuckle, sea salted summers, fresh apple crisp, crossing state boundaries, train whistles in the night, soft pattering of snow, thunderstorms and currents of rain, vegetable gardens, fields of crocus, fresh

Okay, so I put my shirt on backwards…

If that’s the worst that happens when the power goes out, I really don’t mind. While the power had been off all afternoon, it wasn’t til nightfall that the effects really set in. For starters, the street was completely quiet, at least for a little while. The air was so still I could hear the

Midnight snack.

Blueberries. They’re definitely nature’s candy. Sweet, tangy. Round. Just pop ‘em in. One of the few foods that are blue. Blueberries are a delectable treat that are so underrated. Simply tossed in pancake batter, casually assumed to be in muffins. But the best is straight from the carton, or even better–the bush.

Reach for the Stars

I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate song for this time of life than what my roommate is playing right now, “Reach for the Stars” by S Club 7.  A retro pick from a decade ago, but perfectly timed.  With prospects of studying abroad over the summer and meeting up with friends also abroad in Europe,

Winter Weather Wonderland

Winter Weather Warning.  Snow Advisory.  Storm Watch.   At home, this means packed grocery stores and traffic the day before the predicted snow.  Pre-determined school cancellations, filling up the snow blowers, digging out the shovels from the garage.  Oh and don’t forget to take the ice scraper out of your car the night before, or else