Crazy for Coffee

Crazy for Coffee

I am going to give you the run down on all of the java that William & Mary has to offer

“Elite 8” Restaurants for the William & Mary Student

From a culinary standpoint, Williamsburg has a lot to offer as it features a little bit of everything. Here are my picks for the best restaurants in town for the William & Mary student.

Midterm Efforts and Spring Break Rewards

We are over halfway through the semester and the weather as of late has been lovely! What a reward for our diligent midterm efforts!

Epitome of Twamp

Greetings, yet again, from my favorite spot in good old Swem.

Alive and Writing

As we all can attest to, the workload at William & Mary can be scarily intense, but for the most part, it is manageable.

Pumpkin Lattes… and Other Reasons I Love Autumn In Williamsburg

…upcoming fall adventures in Williamsburg seem to outweigh the fact that I am turning back into Casper with every passing minute

Love, Luck and Chocolate Chips

I like to call it “The Annual Loretto Sister Rock-Star Christmas-Cookie-Baking / Picture-Taking Extravaganza”

Dining Hall Delicacies

…A list of my top five favorite foods from the Caf and Sadler dining centers.

Home Is Where You Are

This school year, the blending of things old and new has already gone far beyond new clothes and welcoming the freshmen into the Tribe.

Love from the City of Brotherly Love

Its crazy how William & Mary puts so much time
into the orientation process, to make freshmen feel acclimated- like true members of the Tribe. Mixers with different freshman halls, dinner with the RA and OAs, hall-bonding activities. We build friendships as soon as we get to The College… The
one thing they forgot was to teach me how to leave (I know I’m being corny
but just go along with it, okay?). This year was an adventure. Included were some serious ups and downs but I would do it all over again without question.

It is strange to no longer live in a residence hall with all my best friends, but one thing that I hope will make this transition a bit
easier is that I will not be bumming at home for the next 3 months. This summer is unique in that I am living with my older sister in Haverford, PA, along
the Main Line. I’m in Philly now, sitting in a hall on the campus on the University of Pennsylvania because in 34 minutes, I will officially be
an intern for the nonprofit group Power Up Gambia. Power Up Gambia is an organization that provides hospitals in Gambia with clean water and electricity. It is based out of UPenn and today is my first day!

I decided to apply for an internship this summer, was selected and will
be doing this part time. In addition, I will be training rigorously for the upcoming cross-country season, blogging (of course!), and babysitting to make some dolla-dolla bills, ya’ll. I’ve also applied for a few part
time jobs so we’ll see if any of those work out. With Power Up Gambia, I will primarily be working on projects to promote the organization via social media. This means I will be working on *their* *blog *(but I promise not
to forget about this one!), facebook page, website and organizing files and photos.

I decided to take the risk, step out of my element of being a beach bum
for the summer and do something new for the next few months (living with my sister and her roommate has already been interesting seeing as we cook dinner every night). I am nervous about being on my own (I have already taken the train AND the subway alone this morning) but I know that my friends are just a phone call (or a facebook/g-chat) away. I am missing everybody already and hope that you are all enjoying some much-needed relaxation time. I, however, need to finish this frappucino and get
ready for my first meeting!

With lots of love from Philadelphia,