Getting Acquainted with Bangladesh

Getting Acquainted with Bangladesh

After a rough start, I’ve settled into life in Bangladesh quite well. At first I was miserable. A friend called it “culture shock”, and putting a name on it made me realize it was a common feeling. As soon as I left my hotel room and actually started meeting fellow interns, I felt an immediate

Embarking on a Terrifying Journey

Making plans for the summer seems to be one of the toughest parts of college. With pressure from your parents to get a job, pressure from your peers to get a stellar internship, and pressure from Netflix to watch the entire Breaking Bad series, it’s hard to decide what direction to take during each of

The Power of Teamwork: How I Know I’m Heading Down the Right Career Path

When I was in high school (and up to this point in college) all my school work had been rather lonely. In high school, group projects were only in class. In college a group meets just to delegate work for the individual members to do at home, and then meets up again to fit everything

Ted Cruz

Whirlwind to the End

I can’t believe this is the last week of classes. Together, the students in our program have grown into young professionals and learned things that can never be taught in a classroom. I’ll give a recap of what we’ve been up to. A few weekends ago, most of the program went down to campus for

The Best of Both Worlds

As stated in my bio, I’m a Texas resident. When I got ready to apply to college, I wasn’t interested in the schools in my state. I figured I would end up at a private school – if I wanted to go to a huge public school I could find plenty in Texas for half

Taking a hayride

Are we really already halfway done?

Whew! What a hectic few weeks: broken governments, broken garbage disposals, and broken hearts when we saw our midterm grades. I guess I’ll start where I left off last! A few weeks ago, we went bowling with some students from Boston University who are doing the same kind of program we are – internships with

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Parents Weekend and Ted Cruz

This past weekend was Parents Weekend! My mom flew in on Thursday night, and we met for dinner after class. On Friday morning, I took off from work and we started our tour of Washington. I took her to the Eastern Market neighborhood, expecting the massive farmers market that I had witnessed the weekend before.

Elephant at the Zoo

Getting Comfortable

Well, the DC Fall intern class has officially completed our first full week of work! Armed with pantsuits, briefcases and walking shoes, we venture out every morning with the fellow Crystal City-ers with “real jobs”. Not to say our jobs aren’t real or that we aren’t doing just as much work (and more) than our

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“City Living, DC Style”

The Fall 2013 William & Mary in Washington interns are all settled into our new apartments in the lovely neighborhood of Crystal City. Move-in was astonishingly efficient with all the DC office staff there to help. As a girl with way too many belongings, moving is always such a loathsome experience. However, I pulled up