7 Places in Paris I Want to Pack for the Flight Home

7 Places in Paris I Want to Pack for the Flight Home

I’ve already dedicated quite a few lines to complaining about the size of legal airplane luggage. I think it can be pretty universally agreed that it is not anywhere near sufficient for transporting a semester’s worth of supplies to a European country. What I didn’t consider, however, is how I would transport all the experiences

And Then We Ate Our Way Through Belgium…

After having thoroughly immersed myself in the savory world of French cuisine for about a month, I decided it was time to make my first venture beyond the borders.  So for Valentine’s weekend, I and my fellow W&M member CC, who is studying in Paris through a different program, packed our bags and headed off

Food à La Paris

I would not be doing my job as traveler, temporary Parisian, or human being if I did not dedicate at least 90 percent of my time to talking about French food.  I have probably far exceeded that–food is about all I have talked about since setting foot on this continent.  Luckily, being considerably food-obsessed themselves,

Paris, through Photos

I have found myself, as of late, often at a loss for words.  A large factor may be due to the harsh and forcible realization that only occurred to me about two weeks ago: I don’t actually speak French. Sure, I could spout those grammar rules at you and conjugate those verbs like no one’s

Paris, I (Know I Will) Love You!

As the holidays cheer winds down, I find myself trying to wrap my head around the fact that in 11 days and 15 hours (hey, thanks, countdown on my desktop) I will be leaving Boston’s International Airport for Paris.  PARIS.  The city of light, tall pointy towers, and baguettes. Preparation for this mind-boggling french adventure

Homecoming: the Highlights

In high school, homecoming consisted of a singular night of dressing up and dancing, perhaps accented with a pep rally and school spirit.  At W&M, it is an entire week of non-stop revelry that students begin planning for as soon as the school year kicks off.  With an overwhelming amount of activities- every single organization