Don’t Be Afraid to Make Your Own Adventure

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Your Own Adventure

Now this is a time when I have 8092852 other things I should be doing instead of blogging (working on my research, studying for my exam in two days, getting more things together for my trip to Haiti in January, researching new content for my fitness class, sleeping?), but lately I have been learning a

Christmas in July: My Dream Comes True

Have you ever had one of those things that you’ve wanted to do your whole life but never felt like you could? So you tuck it away in the back of your mind on your mental bucket list that you don’t look at too often because it makes you sad to think about. You’ve explored

Thomas Jefferson: American Hero, Heat Warrior

It’s on days like these, when the temperature is 100 degrees and humidity is pushing 50%, that I like to reminisce about the days of our founding fathers. It’s true. I walk around all day with my fellow interns, in shorts and a t-shirt, and each time I’m giving a tour I swear it will

How to Succeed in Interviewing

As you may have read, I am one of the 12 Senior Interviewer Interns this summer, and you may only be reading this to see what you can say in your interview to impress me. It’s okay, I understand. And that’s why I’m writing this: to help you out because the more comfortable you are,

Dipping My Toes Into the Blogosphere…

So I’m writing this blog and thinking to myself, “What in the world am I going to say?” I mean, I’d like to say I have some strict guidelines to adhere to, some sort of chart to tell me what to say. But there isn’t. And when I first found out, I couldn’t believe it.