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August 22, 2008 by

Let me say a BIG Tribe welcome to all incoming students-freshmen and transfers!! It’s so exciting to look out of the office today and see minivans packed to the brim, estatic yellow tshirts, and blue move-in crew groups sweatin for you!

Freshmen and transfer move-in day is one of the most exciting times at the College. We love welcoming our incoming students and I know I can’t wait to meet them! Don’t worry during orientation-your orientaiton aides will take care of EVERYTHING from meals to academic advising to room set up.

The president of the College and groups of eager students are out helping new members unload cars and move into their dorms. Every office is full of maps and directions, and William & Mary PD is out in full force helping with parking and unloading. We can’t wait for the freshmen and transfers to get settled in and start experiencing the W&M Community.

Today’s blog is short and sweet: WELCOME new students-we can’t wait to meet you!!!

cary street's getting busy!

August 20, 2008 by

It’s two days until freshmen move-in and the semester begins! After spending the entire summer here with the interns living on Cary Street, it’s crazy to see new people walking around campus.

Orientation aides and resident assistants are back in full swing waiting for students to come back and start the semester. Minivans are packed full with futons, sheets, pillows, bookcases, and dishes as students struggle to get that one full load up the steps without losing anything. As someone who has been here all summer I can’t wait to see friends who have been abroad or gone for the summer! Just last night an old roomie of mine Allison was in town. We grabbed dinner at Retro’s and talked about her internship in Palestine, her DC program she’s starting this fall, and teaching English in Morocco during winter break. I hadn’t seen Allison since May and it was great to talk with her on something other than facebook.

I don’t think anything’s more exciting than knowing all the people you care about and miss over the summer are coming back within the next week!  I can’t wait to continue to run into old friends and faces I haven’t seen for such a long time and hear about their amazing summer adventures.  Freshmen get excited about forming these relationship with your new freshman hallmates and other members of the community!  We’re excited to have you!  And to all my friends coming back-I can’t wait to see you!

i can't believe it's over!

August 15, 2008 by

It’s 4:43pm on Friday, August 15, 2008 and interviews are over. Only five of us are coming back next week. I just wanted to tell everyone who interviewed this summer that you all made our summer! It was SOO much fun getting to know each of you and learning about your amazing talents like sketching and drawing to hearing your fun stories about roommates and travels.

Most of all I’ll miss getting to spend 40 hours a week with some of the most AMAZING people on this campus. When the internship started I didn’t know if we would all mesh since we all have different interests, but I can honestly say these 10 people are some of my closest friends at the College. Each one has their own talent and gift that brings a smile to my face every day!

To all the summer interns, I love each and every one of you and I’ll listen to our mix cd of the summer every day!  Keep talking about Greece, a cappella, Greek life, biology, UCAB, transfering, 7th grade, relationships, Green and Gold, and writing resources!  Love love from summer 08 interns-I’m looking forward to our first HI email!

Top 10: W&M move-in day

August 12, 2008 by

First I would like to clear the water and say I definitely finished the kickball domination blog on Friday so technically I have blogged since July…I know there are just so many people out there reading this so I didn’t want to disappoint…please hear the sarcasm in that remark.

With move-in a little over a week away, I figured a little advice from an experienced student would be helpful. In an attempt to make this readable, aka skim through it in 30 seconds because no one likes to read long blogs, I’m going to make a top 10 list for move-in.

Top 10: W&M move-in day

10. Have it out with your parents before you show up so you’re not the awkward kid fighting with the overbearing parent(s)

9. Go inside to get your key and RCR (room check sheet) by YOURSELF so mom/dad/whoever has to deal with parking

8. Grab some lemonade and cookies from the Wesley Foundation

7. Ask your OA for help calming down mom as she leaves her baby

6. Set up the bed first-then you can stack stuff on it-it’s the only thing you’ll absolutely need to use the first night

5. Pack hang-up clothes just on the hangers and carry them in directly to the closet

4. Lots of small trips are better than a couple of back-breaking potential face-plants into the stairs

3. If you have an A/C unit put it in the window and plug it in ASAP, even if it hasn’t been properly installed

2. Let the ‘sweatin for you’ move-in crew get the stuff out of your car-trust me you’ll be doing enough getting the stuff up to your room

1. You’ve got all year to organize and reorganize the room so chill, wait til the parentals leave, then make it the way you REALLY want it with your roomie

Above anything else HAVE FUN!!! You’re moving into college so enjoy the day, and no matter what happens you’ll be laughing about it by the end of the week!

Kickball Domination

July 31, 2008 by

intimidationIf you’re following any of the Admission deans’ or interviewers’ wepages, I’m sure you’ve heard about the kickball challenge. Every year the summer interviewers challenge the deans to a kickball game through some creative, trash-talking invitation.

After our crazy challenge we played the game and lost miserably. The deans beat us 7-1 but at least we had fun trying I guess?kickball line!? Seriously though it was a blast. We used folders for bases and walked in with matching intern tshirts and intimidation music. There was also some potential cheating on behalf of the deans, probably performance enhancing drugs to improve their kickball performance at such old ages, but at least we had the best uniforms and style. We also gave lots of intimidating stares and warm ups like boxilidies and distance gazes over the horizon.Nevertheless after 6 innings the deans killed us. We played one more game for fun and scored one run thanks to Asst. Provost Granger’s two year old daughter and had fun cheering against the dean who was up to kick.

kickballgroupAfter being slaughtered by our older counterparts we all decided to have fun at the Green Leafe for dinner and a drink. I’m pretty sure they hated us for walking in with a group of 25 sweaty, loud people itching to relax and eat. For two hours we sat laughing and talking, pretty much creating a huge scene for all the people trying to enjoy their evenings. We talked about our jobs and the dean’s interests, recent 21st birthdays, school, sports, politics…you name it we discussed it or joked about it. More than likely we joked about it-the conversation rarely was completely serious. We ordered tons of appetizers that deans and interns devoured in minutes then ordered more since the food still hadn’t come out yet. Basically we just had a big party with the people who made our acceptance decisions and the guy who signed our acceptance letter-pretty cool phenomenon/crazy fun at the same time.No matter what group or office you get involved in at the College you’re going to have the same opportunity to jump into fun situations with administration and professors. Whether it’s going out for coffee or grabbing a bite, the faculty and administrators of the College are going to be there chatting and hanging out with students.

setting the record straight…

July 21, 2008 by

This is a public service announcement for all prospective William and Mary students. There are TONS of things to do in Williamsburg on and off campus so quit thinking you’re going to be hanging out with colonials.

For some reason during the past week I have had at least 10 people come up to me complaining about the lack of fun activities in the burg. First I will refer you to one of my first blog posts which listed the fun things the interns are planning on doing during the summer. Not only are all these opportunities available during the summer, but there are a bagillion more during the school year when UCAB (University Center Activities Board) plans campus-wide events.

As a prospective student you should be excited about the new High Street development. Just a five minute drive from campus on Richmond Road a brand new development complete with another movie theater is currently being built. The new movie theater, called Movie Tavern, will not only show movies, but also have a dining option as well! Williamsburg is getting a legitimate dinner theater with blockbuster movies and dinner all wrapped into one! They are also planning other shops and stores within the development.

You should also be excited about the numerous activities on campus like comedy shows, dance parties, laser tag, cookouts, concerts, and themed events. Your problem will be finding time to study and actually work rather than finding something fun to do. So don’t worry about social outlets in Williamsburg, from the new night club to the beach to New Town and High Street you will find numerous off campus activities. Heck you might not even make it off campus because of all the great events going on right outside your dorm room!

scratch that.

July 9, 2008 by

I know I know, my blog title is brick pathways so I should like them. But on days like today, when it’s raining, I hate them. No matter how many pairs of galoshes you buy, you will slip on the bricks. Today it’s raining, not the flash thunderstorm downpour raining, but slow sprinkling sometimes large drops raining.

One of the worst things about Williamsburg, other than parking, is the brick pathways in the rain. As you

barrett porch

barrett porch

can imagine the bricks are rather old, and well, dirty. (They are outside and line the paths of campus so it’s understandable. ) When it rains the bricks transform into mini slip-n-slides on various inclines and uneven levels. This equals problematic walking.

You have to admit sitting on Barrett porch during a rainstorm is amazing. During that time, especially sitting in a rocking chair, you can’t help but appreciate the rain. Trying to get to Barrett porch from Landrum, two dorms down, is a different story. You’ll probably fall eight times, stub your toe, mess up your jeans, and loose your galoshes. Don’t worry though, you’ll finally get there after 10 minutes of dodging puddles.

Basically plan for the rain with galoshes and washable pants. When it rains in the burg, give yourself 10 extra minutes for walking, aka dodging the muddy, slippery bricks.


July 7, 2008 by

Before I start writing about my amazing weekend I feel I need to update everyone after being gone for a week.

1. the cave=awesome. must see. look at other intern blogs.

2. week away=interviews every day last week so no blogging

Okay so now that we’ve got that out of the way, I know you expected a long explanation for each of those, I want to let you know about my weekend in Kentucky.

How did I end up in Kentucky you ask? William and Mary. How did William and Mary send me to Kentucky? My freshman hallmate Ashley. I met Ashley my first day here at WM, but we didn’t start to become close friends until a few weeks into freshman year. We bonded over ice cream and movies and have been best friends ever since-we even lived together last year.

Ashley has been nagging me to come to Kentucky since sophomore year and I finally took her up on the offer. Her hometown of Jamestown, Kentucky, population 2,000, sits on the edge of Lake Cumberland in the western part of the state. Ashley’s family hosted a huge Fourth of July party this past weekend I flew out to attend.

This was a big deal for me since I don’t do airplanes and I was traveling by myself. Ashley called with encouragement and helped me navigate my way to her house.

Let me tell you this was the best crazy adventure of my life! Ashley is the oldest of four kids who all are a riot, especially when they are together. I had such a great time meeting people from southern Kentucky and experiencing Lakefest, aka 10k runs and bloomin onions, in one of the smallest towns I’ve ever experienced.

William and Mary allowed me to meet an amazing friend and her wonderful family! Plus I got to visit a place I never would have seen without her friendship!

the cave

June 27, 2008 by

It’s 4:05pm on Friday which means we’re 55 minutes away from the weekend!! I’m sitting in the admission office at the lobby desk with Asst Dean Josh Henry and we’re trying to figure out what to blog about before the workday ends. I decided, since I’m only thinking about my weekend plans at this point, I’ll write about it.

I’m starting off this weekend with intern bonding. In t-minus 6 hours we’ll be on our way to the cave.

the cave

the cave

Wendy, our boss and one of the assistant deans, has gotten us VIP access to one of Virginia Beach’s premier nightclubs. I know she’s the best boss ever right? Well she is a great boss, but we’re actually getting the VIP treatment because her husband owns the club. I wish you could see the excitement in the office. There have been at least 30 emails among the interns throughout the course of the day with countdowns, food plans, and youtube videos to get us ready. It’s going to be ridiculous…I’m sure you’ll hear more about it on Monday-I know you’ll be watching.

After the VIP treatment at the cave tonight the intrigue of my weekend goes down the crapshoot for the reader-I mean who can compete with VIP club access? Saturday my friend Katie is coming to the burg after spending a few weeks in Hawaii. We’ll probably end up roaming CW at Stephanos or Retros and potentially making fun of the tourists-yes WM students make fun of you freedom pass wearers, get over it. Saturday night I’m babysitting the girls I talked about in high school musical.

Sunday night I’m going to Sunday night movies on Prince George St in CW for a showing of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with the Graduate Education Association. Prince George St closes every Sunday night to show a movie on a screen set up in the middle of the street. The vendors like Aromas, Retros, and the Blue Talon also stay open so you can grab food while you watch.

Basically this weekend is going to be ridiculously amazing. It’s now 4:20 so there’s only 40 minutes between me and preparation for the cave. I’ll let you know how it goes!

best summer job ever

June 25, 2008 by

After having completed two full days of my actual duties as an intern one thing has become clear: admission intern=best summer job ever.

Monday marked our first real day of work with all 11 of us here interviewing, answering phones, giving tours, and manning the lobby. I don’t know if it’s legal to have this much fun on the job. The 10 other interns are amazing to be around 8 hours a day-I never stop laughing and having fun! Monday I was on intern duty aka tours, phones, and lobby. My tour Monday was amazing-such a great group of people! I also began my summer project to increase information and accessibility of college information to rural, diverse, and low-income students within the state of Virginia-it’s proving to be a crazy BIG task but I’m up for the challenge.

Although Monday was great, Tuesday proved to be incredible! I conducted my first interviews with rising seniors visiting William and Mary. As 5:00pm rolled around I remembered I had to fill out my time sheet because I was getting paid to sit and listen to people’s stories! What job lets you sit and talk with all different types of people and get paid??

Today is another intern duty day and I’m on the phones. I just opened the door to the interview rooms hallway because I heard a noise-the following describes what I found.

The interviewer dungeon is having a Kelly Clarkson singing party in between their interviews. In a few minutes everyone will walk upstairs and meet 6 new incredible people. They will spend 20 minutes hearing about those students’ daily lives and interests. Until then they’re going to keep rocking out to Kelly Clarkson. I think I’ll go join them!