Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming

Friends, I know that I haven’t kept my promise. I haven’t written to you in months, but trust me when I say that it hasn’t been you that kept me away. You have been on my mind frequently, and the more I thought of you the more I realized that without words, or breath, we

Olympic Fever

My friends can tell you that though I am borderline obsessive about going to the Rec and working out, I know absolutely nothing about sports.  They’re just not my passion.  And it’s not as if I won’t play a game of X in the Sunken Garden or on Yates Field; I just don’t find any

Summer 2012 Thus Far

I am currently sitting in the offices of BULLETT Media.  Ah! I met some of the editors of BULLETT last summer when I grabbed a copy of their magazine in my local Barnes & Noble and sent them an e-mail on a whim (you can read about it in my post entitled ‘Jumping the Bullett‘). 

From Me to You

In my opinion, junior year was by far the most challenging yet. The academic pressure, the strains on friendships, the crunch and reminder of time—everything just seemed a bit more intense than the two previous years, and I hope this was not an omen for next year. As I mentioned in a previous post, I

Meta before Finals

I think this is the scariest time of the year. Finals week begins today and while I should be busy hiding in the corners of Swem or Tyler hall, I can’t help but looking back on the year and trying to tie all the remaining knots. As I mentioned in my last post, a lot

Playing Catch Up

Tribesmen, I cannot believe that it’s the middle of March. It’s been a blur to say the least. This post, as many of my most recent, will be a collection of various thoughts about the last few months/weeks. Bare with me! Spring classes are okay. My course load is English heavy, naturally, so I’m spending

My Top 8

While staying the night in Atlanta a few days ago, I received the e-mail from the 2013 class president asking for nominations for the 2013 commencement speaker. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the three names I will nominate, but it’s really difficult to narrow down my list. Below, you will find a

My Winter Odyssey

Can you believe it’s actually 2012? My winter break has been filled with nothing but travel. First I took a visit to Charlottesville/Keswick to visit a good friend and her family. Now, if you’re as much of a reality-television buff as I am, you know that upon meeting new people some of them just deserve

Reviewing Before Finals

It’s literally been months since my last post, but I haven’t forgotten about you. At the moment I’m in the middle of studying passages for an English final tomorrow, and I can’t believe the semester is nearly over. It feels like just yesterday Hurricane Irene was impending upon the College and the freshmen in Yates

Slightly Settled

Within the past forty-eight hours I’ve probably slept about eight or nine of them. I wouldn’t say I necessarily procrastinated to write a paper that was due earlier today at noon, because I wrote a brainstorming sheet (I take a blank piece of computer paper and then just scribble, map, and plan out all of