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The 'S' Word

August 8, 2009 by

A few announcements and updates for all the tabloids/paparazzi covering my life:

1. INTERNS WON KICKBALL! 12-3. First intern staff to ever beat the deans. Should you call us gods? No. Legends? Maybe.

2.  R.I.P. Jay-Z. You were a great kitten, and you will be missed.

3.  I went on a vacay! Well, a family reunion at least.  The King family flew from CA, AL, and VA to meet in Chautauqua, NY, which is apparently a “resort” where fun goes to die.  Surprisingly, we were still able to have a pretty incredible time; I rarely get to see my extended family because we all live so far away from each other so it was good to reconnect.

In other news, it is the last day for two of our interns.  I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone; I remember at the end of last semester, when found out I got this internship, I was beyond excited.  Summer was the only thing I could focus on.  I had heard the countless stories of previous summer interns and how amazing the experience was –becoming BFFs, playing kickball with the deans, taking random road trips to the Outer Banks, going to their boss’s husband’s sketchy dance club, and really just experiencing the people and campus of the College in a new and completely different way.  So, needless to say, I couldn’t wait for  my  summer to begin.

But I also think my excitement for this summer came from more than that.  I think that for me, this summer became my blinder to the fact that I am really going to be a senior. As long as I could look forward to this summer, I didn’t have to acknowledge and accept what came after.  As long as it was still summer, I was still a junior…or at least not a senior.

Now, summer is almost over and I can no longer deny my fate: I am a senior.  I don’t know why this scares me so much, but all I know is that it immediately conjures up words in my mind like: job, graduation, bills, real person, depression, taxes, and midlife crisis.  I’ve already noticed a shift in my mentality; all of a sudden, every building, every song, every smell brings up some memory or feeling from freshman year.  A  simple trip to the Sadler Center Dining Room with a few of the other interns suddenly becomes a discussion about old roommates, old eating habits, and that first weekend of Orientation.  We talked about the adjectives we chose for the Name Game, a game that every freshman hall plays the first time they sit down together in which you have to choose an adjective that begins with the same letter as your first name.  Because I was a superstar from the beginning, I told my hall I was “J-Awesome Janet”.  Anyone who has known me since freshman year still refers to me as J-Awesome, which I can’t really blame them for (HAVE YOU MET ME?!).  Anyway, as freshman move-in day approaches and Orientation Aide training begins, I am recalling more and more about how exactly I felt that weekend four years ago.

I had never seen William and Mary before I came here Orientation weekend; I would like to say I was one of those cool kids who was really psyched to leave their parents and go to college, but I was actually the kid who cried the entire 12 hours it took to drive here.  However, while I was not in the most stable emotional state when I arrived to campus, by the end of Orientation, I knew this was my College.

Ultimately, I think that is why I am most scared about senior year; this is my College-it is where my best friends are, where my favorite professors and faculty members are, where I’ve grown up and figured my stuff out.  And while I know the real world is full of promising opportunities and cool people, the College of William and Mary is the home of the best and most defining memories of my life…What could ever top that?

Exciting Week in BurgVegas

July 15, 2009 by

This week is going to be awesome.  There are several reasons why:

# 1.  Kitten. I recently found out that you can adopt a kitten for two weeks from our local animal shelter and I don’t think I’ve been more excited all summer.  My housemates and I have already decided we will name her Annie as we have deemed our house The Orphanage,  since all we do is run around like parentless children and complain about how we don’t have any food or money. Anyway, I think Annie will probably be the best friend I’ve ever had because she will have to hang out with me.

#2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I am seeing the Harry Potter movie tonight at 7 with a few of the other interns and we are PUMPED.  Seeing as how I will be skipping Corona Night at Paul’s (That’s when you can get Coronas for one dollar….ONE DOLLAR PEOPLE), my level of devotion to this event should be obvious.  No, I am not going to be one of those freaks who dresses up (Ryan Eickel) but I am going to be one of those freaks who will elbow young children to get a good seat!

#3. Visitors! My dad and my good friend from home are both visiting this weekend. We have had visitors every weekend this summer except for one, so by this point we have it down to a routine.

My dad, because he thinks he is still 21, is insisting on ‘reliving the college lifestyle’ so he will be staying in my house on the floor and hosting a cookout for all my friends. I always love it when my family visits, especially since I don’t get to see them as often as I like and I won’t be home again until November. My dad’s visit should be particularly awesome because he’s a total nerd who isn’t aware of it (something we obviously don’t have in common) and I really enjoy hanging out with him and showing off my friends and my college. Like I’ve mentioned before, the last time my parents were up here for any significant amount of time was 3 weeks into my freshman year, so this time I’m confident I’ll be able to show him more than just my dorm room in Yates and the Caf. And as for my friend Philip, I think he’s looking forward to his visit, but I think it might actually be because he’ll get to hang out with my dad; like I said before, my dad thinks he’s a bro and consequently has become best friends with all my bro friends from home. Either way, I’m excited for the week/weekend!

PS. Thanks to everyone who has kindly donated toilet paper since my last blog entry. I didn’t realize how pathetic I sounded, but I’m too poor to turn down free toilet paper. A list of things I will also accept: free food and free alcohol. Thanks for your charity!

P.P.S. BurgVegas is a working title.

King Domination

June 29, 2009 by

This weekend my bro and sis (and can’t forget about Taylor) made the twelve hour haul from Mountain Brook, Alabama to visit me in Williamsburg and it was awesomeeeeeeee.

The last time my brother and sister really visited was Parent’s Weekend freshman year-about a month after I started college.  Needless to say, I hadn’t really figured much out by that point–I didn’t know what to show them, who to introduce them to, where to take them etc.   And if I remember correctly, I was still crying on a daily basis whenever I got emails from my dad and texts of my cat from my mom.  It was an interesting weekend.

This weekend was a different story–not that it was the most exciting weekend in the world, but almost three years later, William and Mary had finally become my home, and I was excited to show them.  We had lunch at the Cheese Shop (and I introduced them to the beauty of bread ends and house dressing… which are DA BOMB), cooked out, hung out with friends, played volleyball outside of the Bryan complex, played frisbee in the Sunken Gardens, got Sno-to-Go, and wrapped up the weekend with Mug Night at the Leafe.

I know it sounds cheesy but I felt like I was merging my two families–my real family and my William and Mary family (or at least my summer family).  And the fit was perfect.  I’ve learned you really can always count on WAM students to be so open and welcoming to visitors, and my friends here treated my brother and my sister like they were their own family.  My sister even yelled at one point–”These people are awesome!”– probably after she bonded with one of the other interns (Alisan) over her Gryffindor shirt (sad but true–sorry Helen).

So, ultimately, I think the only appropriate way to end this blog is with some semi-pertinent Michael Jackson lyrics:

See, It’s Not About Races
Just Places
Where Your Blood
Comes From
Is Where Your Space Is!
-Black or White

Thanks MJ. You will be missed.

PS.  Props to  Nay Nay, Helen, and Tay Tay–You don’t know how much your visit meant to me…I hope you enjoyed it, and I love yall!

PPS. Mike Tomlin was at Paul’s this weekend–BALLINNNNNNNNNNNNN

Dinner with Anne

June 25, 2009 by

Tonight I’m having dinner with Anne Arseneau, Associate Director of Student Activities. While this may sound boring (sorry Anne), I’m actually way excited and I’ll tell you why.

1) Free dinner.  I’ve realized recently as I pondered stealing toilet paper from my job’s public restroom that I am poor.   Well maybe not so much ‘poor’ but just having certain, specific ways I would like to spend my (limited) resources–unfortunately, my housemates and I have decided toilet paper may not be one of them.  Actually, maybe that is poor.  Either way, I’ve come to appreciate and shamelessly jump at any chance for free food, especially good food that requires more preparation than three minutes in the microwave.   Hence, one reason I am excited to be eating with Anne.

2) Anne is cool.   Anne has been my advisor for the past two years for my positions on the Inter-Sorority Council.  In addition to biweekly meetings, I’ve been on overnight retreats and to far-away conferences with her.  Basically, we have lots of time to bond–and we have.

Some of my favorite nights have been the ones Anne has invited me and my friends over for dinner.  There is just something about actually being in someone’s home, someone that you respect, know, and care for, eating at a dining table, and having someone around who is older than 25; all of a sudden you feel home.  I’m from Alabama, and while I’m usually dragging my nails when I have to leave William and Mary, I do often miss my parents, my house, even my cat (shoutout to little Shadesey!). Being at Anne’s helps me miss them a little less.  I love that I have a parent figure on campus who knows me, who has seen me grow, and is even willing to invite me into her home.  I’ve had similar experiences with professors, and I think it just really speaks to the unique community at William and Mary.  I know my professors and my faculty care about me, and I don’t know how many of my friends at other schools can say that.

Plus, with this free dinner, maybe now I can splurge a little on that toilet paper.