Junoon is making me Majnoon (crazy)

Junoon is making me Majnoon (crazy)

So William and Mary always finds a way to surprise me like no other. You would think that after almost 4 years of running all over the tricky bricks of this campus I would pretty much know what to expect—but nope, not here! The reason I am sounding so wired right now is because I


In my world, regrets DON’T exist! There are only those things that I wish I would have done or tried, and the curiosity of an alternate outcome. Maybe I read too many of  those Goosebumps books when I was in elementary school and I got used to thinking in terms of different paths. Maybe I’m

Peace by Piece

College can be overwhelming. Actually, let’s be for real…everything in life can be overwhelming. It’s pretty simple to start feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and before you know it you’re drowning beneath a pile of problems you didn’t even know existed. Most of us have been there or have at least 

I'm on a boat…NO a plane…but still!

Ok, enough with the cheesy “i-am-trying-to-be-so-funny” taglines. Last summer I braced myself for an even hotter summer than the one I am currently being subjugated to here in Williamsburg. I went to Pakistan! So for a second…leave behind the images of bombings and terrorism. Leave behind the preconceived notions of injustice, intolerance, and ignorance and

I got language fever…

Sooo ….. If there is one thing that I am obsessively passionate about … it’s languages. Ever since I was a wee lil boy, I have been obsessed with them. I remember going out as a preteen to the mall and then freaking out if I heard someone speaking a different language and running back

Around the World

Mevlana Rumi once said, “You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?” These past few days, [or perhaps it has been weeks, I don't really know] I have been thinking a lot more about the “grand scheme of things.” Thinking about what I am REALLY doing with my life but mostly just