Into the metropolis

Into the metropolis

September 10, 2012-Gakushikaikan: Jimbocho, Tokyo, Japan Even though we left Dulles 20 minutes late due to “CVV cleaning” (whatever the heck that is) we still arrived at Narita International Airport a few minutes ahead of schedule by some miracle. That’s what I love about taking Japanese airlines, they always say “sorry” and they’re always on

The Long Awaited Voyage

As I patiently wait in the terminal at Dulles International Airport for my flight to Tokyo, I found myself pondering the events of the past few months that got me moving back to a land I had not experienced since I was five.

The Evolution of Democracy

In 1989, IR scholar Francis Fukuyama published a thesis arguing that democracy was the last known socioeconomic system that had defeated all other ideologies. Even in 2012, I argue that may well be the case but innovation will never cease to exist.

Whatever happened to America’s free press?

Being a journalist used to be my dream, now, I’m not so sure anymore…

Water clear as day

July 29, 2011 –Asuke, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Now that I’d finally made it to Japan, sadly, my family came to the realization that this may be the last time all three of us would ever be together for a family outing in Japan. With me going off to find work in the next couple months

A different kind of Funeral

July 28, 2011–Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Greetings readers, long time no see, I hear that the weather over in America right now is blistering hot, I hope that all of you are doing your best to stay cool and dry during this heat wave. Actually, I’m currently in Japan right now in a (rather

(Hu)man’s best friend

Recently, I saw an episode of the science show “NOVA” which showcased an interesting research question in the field of biology right now: are the animals that we choose to live with, smarter than we think they are? The program showcased several cases of extreme intelligence in animals where, if trained, dogs, birds, and dolphins

Life after graduation

Long time no see to all of you blog readers! I know that I haven’t been the most frequent of blog posters, and for that I apologize to my readership. (Assuming I still have a readership) Well, it sure has been quite a while since my last foray into the blogosphere and a lot has

Writing from Maine-Part 1

(Sudbury Inn—Bethel, Maine) Hi readers! Long time no see, I guess that’s quite the big understatement since I seem to have not written a blog entry since August. That’s completely my fault and I apologize. Senior year at W&M is filled with all sorts of fun, or it can be filled with all sorts of

To support a medical center

Over the summer, William and Mary students can be seen globally doing a myriad of activities. From service trips to study abroad to internships in foreign areas, it’s hard to plan any decent get together with my on-campus friends when my on-campus friends are in locations like China, Japan, Ireland, and France. But for me,