Charter Day: A New and Improved Tradition!

Charter Day: A New and Improved Tradition!

In my four years at W&M, I have never seen students care so much about Charter Day. It used to be a ceremony that took place on Saturday morning, with a speech from a famous Virginia politician – that was about it. I am a bit of a loser and I found this to be

Finally! Autumn sets in!

After a monsoon, an overdue stay from summer and abnormal levels of humidity, fall is finally here! It is during this season that W&M is at its aesthetic peak – people literally travel from across the nation to see our school during this time. Yeah, it’s that beautiful. The temperature is starting to drop, making

Why the World Cup has taken over my life

As I am sitting here waiting for the second half of the US and Algeria game, I realized how much I have come to love soccer. A year ago, I couldn’t have cared less. But after watching the games during the year between different clubs from both in the US and abroad, I came to

How I ended up choosing William and Mary

So how did I end up choosing William and Mary? I get that question so often in tour groups and I love telling my story. It all starts back in 7th Grade. I went to a private school in Fredericksburg, VA, and we went to Williamsburg for an overnight trip. During the trip we had