College on a Bad Day

College on a Bad Day

Well, like I said in my last blog it is highly likely that I will be writing more and more now that finals are coming up.  This is something that I think justifies taking my attention away from my studies.
When I made my friends aware of the fact that I wrote a new blog their first question was not “What is it about?” or “When can I read it?” it was “Did you talk about me?”  It did not go over well that none of them were mentioned.  As I told them that I talked about the Today show, my professor and school, they kind laughed at me, but it’s ok.
I really do enjoy writing on here because I know that when I was looking around at schools I wanted the students view of college.  I understand that the admissions office needs to show the best possible college experience, but I wanted to know what William and Mary is like on a bad day.  I think the blogs are the closest you are going to get to that.  So you want to know the College on a bad day… here goes…
First, you have to wake up for an 8 A.M. class (note I have never had one of these).  Then you go get breakfast and the food is… ugh… mediocre (there are always bagels and cereal out so it’s ok).  Next you trip on a cobblestone on your way to your next class (people laugh, but it happens to everyone).  In your next class your professor asks you a question you don’t know (Just remember even he is not perfect).  You go back to your dorm and your roommate made some disgusting food and your whole room smells of it (Hey, it’s always good to try new things).  You then go to the library and it takes 15 minutes to find a table to study at and then the loud table behind you keeps talking (you can check-out headphones at the front desk).  Finally it’s cold outside when you walk home and you lock yourself out of your room (this gives you a chance to talk to your RA and he/she may even offer to drive you to get some coffee from Wawa).
So this is pretty much as bad as an average day will get.  Just think it could be worse… Good luck guys and talk to you later!

Where does the time go…

Hello Again!
It has been a VERY long time since I posted on my blog and for that I apologize.  This year has been one that has flown by and I seriously don’t know where the time goes.  So I wanted to give you all some of the highlights since I last posted!
First off, starting the new year is always a new experience, but this year was just plain scary.  Starting my senior year has been one of the most exciting and the most eye opening events in my life.  I really do enjoy being the oldest students on campus, but now I need to start looking for a job.  This will be quite the adventure.  I will keep you all updated to how the search is going.  Being in Williamsburg all summer you would think that the start of school would be a little anti-climatic; it was far from that.  Seeing all of my old friends come back was great and meeting the new class of 2012 was pretty cool.  We’ll teach them to be as awesome as we are…
With the election this year this was definitelty a poltical buzz on campus.  One of the biggest things to happen was when the Today Show came to visit and Beth one of the other interns and myself got to meet and talk to Matt Lauer.  That was pretty sweet.  We even offered him a tour, but he had to go to his next filming location… maybe next time.
Another interesting event from this year was taking my senior seminar.  I feel like just yesterday I was in my freshman seminar (the ironic thing is it is in the same room).  One of the more comical and interesting moments was during class when CNN called to do an interview with my professor.  How many other students can say their class was interrupted by a major media station.
I feel like that only is skimming the surface, but with finals coming up, I’m sure I will need a way to waste time, so check by soon to see what I will talk about next.
ALSO, Congrats to the early decisions students that got in recently.  YOUR HARD WORK PAID OFF!!!  I will see the class of 2013 at homecoming NEXT year!


So today and tomorrow are pretty awesome days.  Two of the biggest events of the summer are going down.
1st- The Admissions Interns have challenged the Dean Staff to a good
old fashion kickball game.  The staff has been talking smack about how
they have never been beaten, but this is the year.  We are all ready to
take down the evil empire and bring peace to the campus.
2nd- Tomorrow (July 31st), the new William and Mary website will be
launching.  It has a brand new look and is amazing.  WM is taking 20
steps into the future and it will be great.  If you enjoy it please
send a thank you to Susan Evans. 
I don’t know if I can handle all of this excitement.  I will let you know how they both go down.  See you soon!

Big Night in New Town

Last night was a big night for a few of my friends.  We started the
night by eating dinner together at the Green Leafe (1/2 off burger
night)!  It really is a great deal when you can get a massive burger
for only $4.00.  Also, for those of you above the age of 21, the Green
Leafe in Newtown will be offering over 70 varieties of beer on tap.
Then, we moved from the Leafe to Newtown cinema and went to see the
new movie “THE DARK KNIGHT.”  Unfortunately for us when we first got
there, the show we wanted to see was sold out, so we had to wait a few
minutes for the next showing.  While we waited we went to Maggie Moo’s
ice cream shop and had a nice little snack.
After watching the movie, we took a little walk around Newtown and
visited some of the great stores that are in the area.  Being outside
in the summer air was a great way to end the night.  Newtown really is
a great place to go for a night on the town!

Looking at Pictures from Abroad

Sitting here trying to figure out what to write my blog about, I
look over and my neighbor and fellow intern Kelley Quinn was doing the
same thing.  She was looking for inspiration in the pictures of a
friend of hers who was studying abroad.  Well I decided to steal her
From the viewpoint of someone who did not go abroad, I look at these
pictures and see all of the great places you can go.  The school really
does open up doors all around the world.  While we have almost 20
programs that offer exchange of credit and tuition, the Reves center
will also look from other schools or create a completely new program. 
The possibilities are endless!!
Looking at the pictures from people who have gone to London, South
America to the beautiful Australia, who would NOT want to go abroad? 
This really is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to travel the world and
not only experience a brand new culture, but also learn a little
So check out the Reves Center @

Sitting at the Front Desk

I love sitting at the front desk of the admission office.  It’s not
because I like filling out prospect cards, stocking the lobby, or
labeling parking passes.  I like working the front desk because I get
to be on of the first interactions that students have with the College.
When a student walks in for the first time, they could be one of
many students.  We go from the student who is very excited to be here
or we have the student who has seen 25 schools in the last week or so. 
We have the student who is nervous about coming up to talk to us, to
the student who pretty much doesn’t want to be here.  We have people
that come from all over the country and people from our own backyard. 
You cannot make a judgement about a person because the variety of
students that apply to William and Mary are all unique.
I really enjoy talking to the prospective students.  They remind me
how I felt going through the same process.  I see this as my chance to
pass down the knowledge that I have about William and Mary on to a new
generation of students.  My only wish is that I can convince you to
love the school as much as I do!

My 1st Session!!

Today I did my first session as a William and Mary Intern!  This is
a new program that we are doing and by bringing students in we hope to
gain a whole new perspective. 
At first I was really nervous.  I introduced myself as Gregory,
which I save only for formal events, and I think my voice may have even
cracked.  But it really was interesting.  It was different than giving
a tour for a couple of reasons: 1. You are not outside/walking
backwards.  2.  I felt like I had to be more official.  3. We don’t
have tours of 60 people and that’s how many people were in the session.
So I was really excited to stand up there and talk with Wendy while
a crowd of a about 60 listened on.  It really gave me a look into what
the Deans do everyday.  So get excited if you are coming to visit now
because we have 2 people in the info session.

Summer Plans

With the summer upon us I am sure everyone is ready to sit by the
pool, travel all over, or work.  Summer is a great time to try
something new and different.  Here are some examples of how my friends
are spending there summer.
- My friend Amanda is staying in Williamsburg and taking classes. 
She changed her major and decided to stay in town to make sure she
could fufill all of the requirements.
- My friend Sean is interning in a medical office doing research for
them.  He was able to get that job through some connections he made
with the school.
- Annie, a student who just graduated just started her job working
on Capital Hill.  She is the new Press Assistant for a Senator.
- Finally, my friend Dan is traveling across Europe by himself doing research through the Monroe Scholar program.
I hope you all are having a summer as exciting as these guys!

The Gang's All Here

This is a big week for the William and Mary Admission office. As of
yesterday the office is now full of summer interns.  We have been
training for the last three days and I am learning a ton of
information.  So far the career center, IT, study abroad and a bunch of
other departments.  It is great learning so much more about the
school.  It’s funny because I am known to have one of the longer tours,
and now my knowledge is doubling.  Pretty much my tours will now last
like 3 days. 
Now most of them are spending hours putting links to everyones other
personal pages, I will just tell you that if you go to their pages you
can find them.  We are planning lots of fun adventures, which you can
find on Katies pages, and we are looking forward to the Annual kickball
game against the dean staff… we will win!  Other than that, all is
well in the Summer intern world.
We are all sitting around a table and I am excited for the rest of
the summer.  Not only do we spend time talking about Tila Tequilla,
listening to music from our high school days, or learning how to blog. 
Whether you hear Marquis talking about his Simpson donuts or Wendy
trying to calm us down, this summer is cound to be full of fun

The 8th Wonder of the World

For all of the Virginia residents, Wawa is a pretty common
occurence.  It is not unusual for you to hear a friend say “Hey I need
to stop and get gas from Wawa” or “I really want a Wawa hoagie.”  Wawa
is more than a convience store, it is the life jacket that keeps
William and Mary up.
Wawa is open 24 hours a day and has a staff of people that are
really nice to all of the WM students.  I will go in there to pick up a
soda on my way to class and end up talking about the weather with the
clerk for a good 10 minutes.  Whatever a students needs, Wawa is ready
to help out.
For the student who has been up all night, Wawa serves amazing
coffee to keep him or her up.  For the teacher that needs a snack on
the way to class, Wawa is full of great food all day.  And for me, the
kid who runs out of deodorant on his way to work, Wawa keeps a small,
but useful supply of grooming tools.  I can tell you that one more than
one occasion Wawa has been there for me.
I know it may sound lame to write about how a convience store has
changed my college career, but it is Wawa that I get many of my best
stories.  I have made friendships waiting in line for my sandwich.  I
have spent time with others on the walks from my dorm.  And I have
learned that no matter what, at the end of the day, Wawa has the
perfect cure to any sickness…