THE DEPTHS OF HADES—A Summer in Williamsburg

THE DEPTHS OF HADES—A Summer in Williamsburg

Alright, it may be a tad dramatic to compare a summer in the south to “the depths of Hades,” but I am not someone who handles heat well. I blame living in Canada for seven years and also having parents from the North East. I started giving tours this past spring as part of my

The Yorkie Poo

There is an epidemic facing the entire Williamsburg community. You can’t go to the grocery store, sit in the Sunken Gardens, or walk to class without exposing yourself. No one is safe. You’re asking yourself, how can I protect myself? There is no cure. Who is at risk? Everyone. What can I do about it?

Lunch by Liz- Where to Eat in Williamsburg

I love to eat. If I could receive a minor in eating out I would. Many tours ask me the best places to eat around town. Here are my personal recommendations: – The Blue Talon: I love going here with my parents. The restaurant is located by Colonial Williamsburg. They are known for comfort food

All Grown Up… sort of.

This summer I’m interning at the Admission Office. I decided to live in an off campus house right across the street from William and Mary. Living on my own has been a huge change. Who knew that you had to pay for power, water, rent, and cable? Wait, if you don’t pay the electric bill