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THE DEPTHS OF HADES—A Summer in Williamsburg

July 29, 2011 by

Alright, it may be a tad dramatic to compare a summer in the south to “the depths of Hades,” but I am not someone who handles heat well. I blame living in Canada for seven years and also having parents from the North East.

I started giving tours this past spring as part of my summer job in the admission office. At first I was pretty nervous, talking in front of a bunch of strangers with their parents—a little daunting to say the least. But I actually didn’t find it scary or nerve racking and with each tour I get more and more comfortable.

This morning I went onto weather.com to figure out what to wear for my two tours today. On the website it was posted “Dangerous heat index. Outdoor exposure should be limited.” My immediate reaction: do I push myself down the stairs or fake a concussion to get out of giving a tour. As I pondered which solution was the most realistic (I figured getting my housemate to push me down the stairs was unlikely and I don’t know how convincing my attempts of faking a concussion would be), I realized that I had to do my job. As we stepped outside for the tour I could feel the heat seep into my body. Trying to avoid passing out or heat stroke I trudged on. My tour group came back in one piece and the heat didn’t take any victims. The feeling of being in July heat in Williamsburg and then stepping into the cool, air-conditioned Admission Office is absolutely wonderful. On a tour I sort of forget about the heat and just get really excited about telling my group about William and Mary. I immediately remember what a sweaty hot mess I look like when my fellow summer interns say “Liz, what happened to you?” or “Yikes, looks like you just gave a tour.” Thanks guys. This summer is only going to get hotter and the groups are only going to get bigger, but honestly I doubt either of these factors is going to faze me or my coworkers.

The Yorkie Poo

July 11, 2011 by

There is an epidemic facing the entire Williamsburg community. You can’t go to the grocery store, sit in the Sunken Gardens, or walk to class without exposing yourself. No one is safe. You’re asking yourself, how can I protect myself? There is no cure. Who is at risk? Everyone. What can I do about it? Nothing. They crawl into our hearts and make people weak at the knees. What is this epidemic I speak of? The unbelievable amount of small and fluffy animals around the William and Mary campus. What started out as a minor fascination quickly snowballed into a horrible obsession. If you are like me you see one and instinctively think of ways to kidnap it and bring it home. I have some pretty large purses and there are some pretty small dogs… I can’t go onto stumbleupon.com anymore because I only stumble upon little animals or cats dressed up like people. If you’re like me you try to convince yourself that you can handle pet ownership, be a full time student, and manage to balance a social life. But you can’t, well I can’t. Or can I?

You may not be like me at all, but if the picture I posted doesn’t make you want to adopt a herd of dogs with bows, then you have no heart and should stop reading now.

Thanks to the wonders of modern science, dog breeds have come a long way. Not only do these creatures fit into your pocket now, they also have catchy names like “yorkie poo”, “schnoodle”, “puggle.” HOW  CAN ANYONE RESIST? I guess I should be honest and admit I used this blog as a front to google pictures of dogs. I can only pretend to be doing “admission related research” but in reality awing over these pictures for so long.  Last night my friend offered me her one-year-old beige yorkie poo named Charlotte. I day dreamt about all the great times Charlotte and I would have together and how she would get along great with my dogs back at home. Charlotte could come to class with me and we’d be so happy. But I digress. I remembered what it was like when my parents got our first dog, Genevieve (Jenny): the puppy from hell. Jenny now is best adult dog ever, seriously though, she is perfect (and of course she is small and fluffy). But as a puppy she ate leather shoes, nibbled on dining room furniture, and gnawed on my dad’s cell phone. I tried to convince myself that Charlotte would be different. I realized last night around midnight that raising a dog at this point in my life is a horrible idea. I should probably spend my senior year focusing on my course load, being involved in my clubs, and hopefully finding a job instead of throwing birthday parties for Charlotte and showing her off.

This morning I’ve finally came to my senses and realized that a) I do not have enough time to raise a dog and b)need to stop googling dog breeds/ get back to work.

Side note: this is an example of the kinds of photos I spent way too long  browsing last night.

Lunch by Liz- Where to Eat in Williamsburg

June 29, 2011 by

I love to eat. If I could receive a minor in eating out I would. Many tours ask me the best places to eat around town. Here are my personal recommendations:

- The Blue Talon: I love going here with my parents. The restaurant is located by Colonial Williamsburg. They are known for comfort food with a French twist. They have A-MA-ZING salads, macaroni and cheese, and the burger is to die for. The inside of the restaurant is just as wonderful as the food.

- Plaza Azteca: My friends and I go here probably once a week. If you did not guess by the name, Plaza Azteca is a Mexican restaurant off Richmond Road. They make guacamole right by your table and the food portions are gigantic. This place is very casual and the food comes fast and hot.

- Le Yaca: This may be my family’s favorite restaurant in Williamsburg. This is an upscale French restaurant, where the owners often come around and make sure you are happy with your meal. Le Yaca has a much more intimate setting and is a great place for special occasions—think graduation. There is a stone fireplace right as you walk in and the attention to detail is outstanding. Love this!

- College Delly: If you’re an alum of William and Mary you may be surprised by this choice. The College Delly has recently been completely revamped from their menu to their décor. Every time I go here (which is debatably too often), my friends and I get the Saganaki Flambé. This appetizer is basically a Greek cheese that is brought to you in a shallow dish, oil is poured over it and then lit on fire. What is better than hot, melty cheese with pita bread? They also have great sandwiches, pizza and so much more. This place is great for a casual quick meal.

- Nawaab: Any William and Mary student can probably write you a novel about this Indian restaurant. My favorite part is their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Their chicken dishes, fresh veggies and Naan bread are outstanding. If you come to Williamsburg and like Indian food this restaurant is a must.

All Grown Up… sort of.

June 21, 2011 by

This summer I’m interning at the Admission Office. I decided to live in an off campus house right across the street from William and Mary. Living on my own has been a huge change. Who knew that you had to pay for power, water, rent, and cable? Wait, if you don’t pay the electric bill they turn of the lights? I don’t really know how I thought the real world would be, but I’m beginning to understand what it’s like to leave college and it is already a lot to take in. Packing my own lunch for work, going to the local laundromat and not having automatic food from a meal swipe at the Cafeteria, has been a reality check to say the least. My bathroom doesn’t just clean itself, what? I have noticed a lot of my upperclassmen friends going through this same realization of adulthood. We have been taking for granted living on campus, having our room and board paid at the beginning of each semester and having laundry facilities on the dorm hall. It’s now time to grow up… sort of.

Every summer we leave our course schedules, friends, free time, and late nights behind and instead pick up 8AM to 5PM jobs, come home after work and make dinner only to collapse before midnight and start all over again the next day. This new routine gives me a sense of what I have to look forward to. As I go into my senior year I feel nervous-excited. Nervous about my senior year classes, nervous about getting a job, and nervous about leaving this wonderful place. And at the same time I’m excited for my future because I know I have been prepared and given the tools for success thanks to my parents, friends, and William and Mary.