Words from an Active Citizen

Words from an Active Citizen

From these experiences with Branch Out I learned that service is a continuous process rather than a single act, one that must be approached with care and intention.

Because We Care

On Friday, February 7th, 2014, William & Mary celebrated Charter Day, including honoring Laura Godwin ’14 with the James Monroe Prize in Civic Leadership.  Laura serves on the executive board of Project Phoenix and is a fixture in the Office of Community Engagement, bringing her joy and commitment to our office and the tutor/mentor program.

The Two William & Marys

To the newest William & Mary alumni: Close your eyes and picture this campus. The William & Mary you see is the one you’ve built over the last however many years it has taken you to get to this point. You’ve certainly had help along the way. This place is filled with people who worked to


Giving Of One’s Hands and Heart

My last post was from a speech I gave about service, but this time I’m doing one better. Below Emma Merrill ’13 speaks to the audience at Celebration of Service on the need to give one’s hands and heart to service. Emma’s commitment to social justice, active citizenship and community is an inspiration to many

A Kind of Dangerous Unselfishness

Yours will be the story of dangerous unselfishness unleashed

That Time a W&M Professor Lied To Me

It was one of my favorite stories to tell on an admission tour as we paused in the lobby of Blair Hall.  I recounted the day I walked into my history course, “The Global Color Line” with Professor Vinson, and he stared us all down.  “Today, you are going to teach class,” he said, while

Fan Girl

“Justin!” I yelped, jumping out my seat and making my way across the room. While my love of Justin Bieber has already been recorded in this blog, this time I was actually pulling off a fan girl moment for the one and only Justin Reid. Justin is one of the first upperclassmen I met at

Building My Own Dumbledore’s Army

Sometimes I picture myself in that moment, except instead of a battle of good and evil, I’m in some sort of academic show-down. All I know is that I’m about to do battle based on the power of my education, and suddenly all of these professors are standing behind me.

The Hunger Challenge

November 12th through the 16th, The Office of Community Engagement staff as well as students and faculty at W&M participated in the Hunger Challenge. Based on Food Research Action Center’s SNAP Challenge, participants were given a meal budget of $4.31 per day, equivalent to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, the new version of Food Stamps) benefits they would

You Know That Feeling…

You know that feeling of opening a book you’ve been dying to read.  Or even better, the feeling of opening a book you’ve read at least ten times before, but you’re just as eager for the 11th.  That moment of knowing that what you’re about to immerse yourself in will be at the same time