Be BOLD: A Look Back

Be BOLD: A Look Back

In all of my tours and interviews, I always get the question “what would you recommend most to high school seniors and in-coming freshmen?”. I think that the best thing I can say is be ready and willing to branch out and be BOLD. Tryout and audition for things you never thought you would do.

ðə stʊdi ʌv leŋwɪd͡ʒ

So … as you may have noticed, I’m a Linguistics major aaand I’m sure you immediately asked yourself: what exactly IS Linguistics? Even my parents (hi Mom and Dad!) have no idea what they’re actually paying for me to study. To put things basically, Linguistics is the study of language. Now, this doesn’t mean that

Of Space Heaters and Peach Tree Babies

The admissions office is beyond quiet these days. We’re in the weird time where high-schoolers aren’t yet out of school and visiting and not many parents are freaking out enough to keep the phones ringing. For the most part we sit in our frigid basement (hence the space heater) making up hashtags such as #jamarintheoffice