It All Starts with a Smile

It All Starts with a Smile

Breath in, breath out. Okay…one more breath. Now smile, extend hand, look them in the eye and say “Hello, my name is…” These were amongst the thousands of thoughts running through my head while waiting for my interview. Fewer than five years ago, I ventured for the second time to the College of William and

Four Years

Throughout all the interviews I have done, I’ve noticed one commonality among them: “junior year was HARD!” And honestly, junior year of high school was hard for almost everyone I knew. It was the year APs begin to creep up, the year that one begins to search for college, and the year the responsibilities, such

The Ultimate Question

As a student interviewer for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, I have heard several different questions from curious prospective students. A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail with the following question:  How/Why is the academic rigor at W&M so difficult? I thought to myself, WOW, what a great question!! So, the following is my response

A New Source of Caffeine

This summer I’ve taken it upon myself to be ridiculous by working two jobs, making it so that I am working seven days a week. However, because of 4th of July, I ended up miraculously not having to work on the 5th. So…what does a workaholic such as myself do with a day off in

Writer's 'Blo'g

Have you ever experienced that feeling of empty thought: the sensation of having something to say and then not being able to express it in words? The clichéd term for this annoying state is called “writer’s block.” Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that writer’s block could be fixed by the will of the gods, which

W&M at 9:30

I’m walking down a set of stairs into a dimly lit tunnel, slightly confused, with a ticket in my hand. I finally make it bottom of the staircase, when I feel someone grab my hand and pull me through shutting doors of a train right before they close for good. Don’t worry folks, this is

The Top 5 Things to Know When Living With a Roommate

This summer, for the first time in a year, I have the privilege of living with two roommates. Growing up as an only child, I will admit that I was spoiled when it came to having my own room, and that my first two years here at the College were a bit of a challenge