The Epic Dilemma of the Lunch/Dinner Time Decision

The Epic Dilemma of the Lunch/Dinner Time Decision

Williamsburg is a fantastic place, and one of the reasons supporting this claim is the almost infinite amount of food choices one has here. A common conversation might go like this. Jason:  “AHH, I am starving. Where do you guys want to eat?” Steve:  “I could go anywhere, where do you want to eat?” Allison: 

The Chair Story

“If you are reading this blog, but not comprehending it, are you still reading the blog?” One of the many great things that the College of William and Mary has to offer is the requirement of fulfilling GER’s or General Education Requirements.  This allows students to take classes that they would have never taken if

Karaoke Night!!!

This past Friday night the new undergraduate Senior Interns decided to celebrate our first full week of work together. So after many ideas were tossed around … okay why am I lying, the whole week we knew exactly what we wanted to do … KARAOKE!! All week we were waiting for Friday night to come