The History of Grand Illumination

The History of Grand Illumination

Since 1934, Colonial Williamsburg has wowed visitors with Grand Illumination, an annual tradition celebrating the holiday season in the Historic Area. With fireworks, musical performances, and pine-scented cressets enlivening a winter evening, this event succeeds to bring good cheer to all those in attendance. This year’s celebration on December 2 will be no different. As

Season’s Greetings

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding area prepare to celebrate the rich history of the holiday season. Garland, wreaths, and Christmas trees already adorn the storefronts of Merchants Square, and soon the Historic Area will be transformed into a colonial winter wonderland. For those students who will be staying in Williamsburg

Please Sir, I Want Some More… Pork Pie

“I do not pretend to teach professed cooks, but my design is to instruct the ignorant and unlearned (which will likewise be of great use in all private families) and in so plain and full a manner, that the most illiterate and ignorant person, who can but read, will know how to do every thing

Cupcakes, Tea, and Ghosts… Oh My!

It has certainly been an eventful two months here at the Colonial Williamsburg House. What with encounters with William Randolph’s ghost (or so we think) and two successful shindigs, we officially consider ourselves members of the Historic Area. One of these days we will manage to invite the Marquis de Lafayette to tea… but until

The Early Bird Gets the Banana Bread

Hello everybody! Kate and I made it through the hurricane! The CW House is still standing—shutters and all. Colonial Williamsburg made every effort to make the residents of the historic area feel safe, protected, and cared for. After our initial “crisis tree” was enacted to alert residents of the impending storm and the safety protocols

There’s a Cure to that Dull Summer…

Colonial Williamsburg is welcoming its newest residents!  Kate Hughes and I have been given the tremendous honor of becoming the residents for the 2011-2012 school year in the William Randolph House. We are tremendously excited and consider ourselves very, very lucky. We have some very interesting and new ideas planned for William and Mary students

(Image from “And Spring arose on the garden fair, Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere; And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.” -  Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Sensitive Plant I  can hardly believe it’s already April. Addie and I have been excitedly awaiting

Holiday Romance in CW

Now that we’re feeling the winter chill in the air, it’s time to heat up your love life. To help you keep that flame burning during this extra special time of year, I’m back with a few final colonial date ideas to do before the New Year. By Grace McGlade *Grand Illumination in CW:  You

It’s autumn in CW!

As we get deeper into the heart of autumn, Grace and I are enjoying the explosion of color that has painted Colonial Williamsburg in many shades of yellow and red. The cool weather is here, and we are happy to be enjoying a crisp and sunny fall! Our big news is that we had our

Romance in CW: Unique Date Ideas from a Colonial Resident!

Where would be your ideal place to take someone on a date? If sparks are flying and you are suddenly swept away on a romantic adventure, where would you go? You may know the romantic places to go on campus- the Crim Dell, the Sunken Gardens, the gazebo(s), the dock behind Botetourt… but there are many more just within your reach! Find out where each week in my “Unique Date Ideas from a Colonial Resident”, both simple and extravagant date ideas provided… get the inside scoop from a CW resident!