Real estate: a world within itself

Real estate: a world within itself

I’m sitting here writing a blog post and realized that in the several months that I’ve been working at my first (real) job, I have never written a post about it. Alas, since this is the purpose of having an alumni blog, here goes nothing. I work as an analyst at Jones Lang LaSalle, a

First Apartment: The Reprisal of the Collegiate “No Parents!” Sentiment

I remember it clearly. Like it was just yesterday. My first morning and William & Mary. The freedom! The opportunity! The nausea! Oh wait, that was the second morning. Anyway, the feeling was electric. To be on your own, making your own decisions, and doing things your own way. However, as with anything else cool

Meandering Through Nicaragua

After a few arduous weeks of traveling, I just arrived in Leon, a friendly city in the heart of Nicaragua. Tomorrow we’re thinking about going to Cerro Negro, a volcano close by that you’re allowed to “volcano board” down. I am confident I’ll end up in stitches afterwards, but it sounds like too cool of

Just Wingin’ It: Guatemala

I’m sitting in a hostel in Flores, Guatemala. Basically in the middle of the Central American jungle, Flores is a small island in the middle of a lake, full of chirping colorful birds and narrow cobblestone alleyways. Tomorrow we make our way two hours north to Tikal, the center of the ancient Mayan empire. A

Vagabonding: My Post-Grad Plans

Hello W&M World! I shudder when the thought comes to mind, but I am now considered a graduate of the College of William & Mary, something that brings me great pride and great fear at the same time. Now we’re on to the next proverbial chapter of my life, and I think it’s going to

The Joys of Black Expressive Culture

I wanted to do a quick post about my absolute favorite class this semester– a music course entitled Black Expressive Culture, taught by Gayle Murchison (nicknamed Murki Waters… get it?) This four credit music workshop class meets twice a week- on Tuesday we discuss significant black music from blues to funk, delving into its origins,


I know I just posted, but I wanted to express how excited I am for this upcoming Charter Day weekend. Did you know that one of my favorite bands THE ROOTS are coming to campus this Saturday with GIVERS opening up for them? These two groups have played William & Mary before– the Roots five

Life Lesson #728: Pay your natural gas bill

I’ve been living in my same house off campus for over two and a half years right now and it’s never been better. Over the years, I’ve crafted my room to be exactly how I want it. I finally put a hook on the back of my door to hold my jacket. Last semester I

Catching up with Christian

Wow. I haven’t blogged on here since October and, currently in the midst of finals, I cannot possibly find a nicer way to procrastinate studying for them. Let me fill you in on some of the things I’ve been up to. Remember my last post? About the Peace Corps? Well, I got nominated! At the

My first job interview… ever

Tomorrow’s the day. I’m leaving Williamsburg at 9 am (ehh… maybe 9:30) to go to my first job interview with the Peace Corps. I’ve never done a job interview before. Needless to say, I’m kind of nervous. The next time the clock strikes 2 pm, I’ll be sitting in Rosslyn and getting called into the