Rep. Eric Cantor at Charter Day

Rep. Eric Cantor at Charter Day

In a few weeks, on February 4, Rep. Eric Cantor, the new Majority Leader of the U.S. House, will be the main speaker and receive an honorary degree at Charter Day, the annual ceremony where the W&M community celebrates the anniversary of the royal charter that created the College back in 1693. Cantor is a

W. Lee Rawls, an appreciation

This past week, the College of William and Mary lost a great friend and mentor, Lee Rawls. Lee was a career-long participant in the policy making process in Washington, D.C. Fresh out of the Navy in the early 1970s, he first went to work for the Environmental Protection Agency, and then quickly moved to the

The Demise of the Moderates

Wow.  The midterm results of yesterday were an eye-popping defeat for congressional Democrats.  Although Barack Obama has at least two more years in the White House, his party has lost its sizable majority in the House and now has a truly razor thin margin in the Senate.  The biggest part of the story, however, may

What the heck is a “faculty research assignment?”

If you think that W&M students deserve to be taught be professors who have real standing as scholars in their fields, then these semester-long research assignments are an essential feature of the educational process.

Life after the Burg – Andrew Langer W&M ’93

Well, I’m back.  It’s been months since my last blog post and the blog czarina at W&M informs me that I am now officially a “slogger,” rather than a blogger.  Ouch!  For my first post after a long blogging sabbatical, I would like to highlight another one of our  graduates from the College.  Andrew Langer

A memo to prospective students – If you have the choice, I think that you should attend W&M over UVA.

I originally wrote this post last February. In my view, it still holds true for students considering enrollment at William & Mary in fall 2010. Every year, tens of thousands of students include W&M and UVA among their top choices when considering where to attend college.  U.S. News and World Report and other outlets regularly

Life after the Burg – Angela Perkey, W&M '08

As an undergraduate, Angela Perkey was one of our most active and gifted students.  Angela was a Monroe Scholar, graduated from the College in just three years, did really impressive research on mentorship relations in Congress for my senior seminar, founded a public service organization in her spare time, and in general really excelled and

Unique Class Opportunities at W&M

One of the advantages of teaching at W&M is that the strengths of our faculty and students, along with our location in Williamsburg, enable us to provide all kinds of special course and other curricular opportunities to our students.  Our twin commitments to academic excellence and the liberal arts mean that our faculty care about


From 9/11 to exploding budget deficits and the election of our first African American president, the “aughts” were a decade of significant surprises for the nation.  There also were a lot of surprises at W&M – just to name a few, the incredible strides that the admissions office made in attracting an increasingly talented and

The Deficit Dilemma

Here are comments I delivered as part of a really interesting conference about budget deficits and the global economy held yesterday at the Miller Center at UVA. I’m a faculty member at the College of William and Mary where as you know Mr. Jefferson, the founder of UVA, received his own education.  It is always a pleasure