One Tribe, Y’all

One Tribe, Y’all

When I found out the new Tribe mascot was going to be the Griffin, I’ll be the first to admit that I was not at all enthused. I personally had been a huge supporter of the Phoenix (yes, mostly because of Harry Potter).  I have since grown to love the Griffin and am so happy

Sweat Makes the Heart Grow Fonder; Sweat Makes the Person Stronger

If you’re not one who handles TMI (too much information) well, then I wouldn’t recommend finishing the remainder of this blog. Growing up, I had noticed even in elementary school that I always had a few more beads of sweat on my brow at the end of ballet class than my fellow dancers.  I didn’t

Top Chef? I wish. Doesn't Remy Have an Emergency Hotline?

Simmer for one hour, until tender….whisk together the remaining milk and flour….Bring a large pot of lightly saltedwater to a boil….pound chicken…..saute vegetables until crisp….blanch tomatoes until skin loosens… Umm…excuse me? Plain English, please.   When it comes to cooking, this is my basic general sentiment.  Before coming to college, I’ll be honest, I spent little to no

The NO8DO Experience: A Lifestyle and a Legend

What do you do when your friends are tired of hearing you talk about something, but you just can’t stop? Perhaps you would talk to your parents or other family member? Maybe go see a counselor? The problem is, my family is tired of hearing about it and the problem doesn’t really warrant a free

Vampire or Werewolf? How about human?

I was never drawn into the Twilight saga phenomena, and after being forced to see the most recent film.  I’m actually anti-Twilight.  I had no intentions of seeing the movie, especially the midnight showing opening night. Some of the Admissions deans had plans to see the movie and invited the interns along. The only reason

All You Can Drink

For my past 3 years at the College, I had always found it funny that a marginal percentage of the student body had the same large mugs.  I figured a store near campus sold them and for some reason they were a William and Mary fad. Finally, as a rising senior, deans at the Admissions

My Struggle for Spanish Amigos

This past semester I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain. While I loved most aspects of my experience, one area that was lacking was the friend department. Before going to Spain, I had high expectations about making a lot of friends while abroad. I knew that by default I would make American friends through my abroad