Typical William & Mary Professional

Typical William & Mary Professional

Hey there, “real world.” I’ve been training with Teach for America for about a month now, and it’s only just now starting to feel like I’m anything more than a college student masquerading in teacher’s clothing. I joined Teach for America to become part of a professional social justice movement.  Before graduation I did the

Just say no to Med School

You’re a stellar student.  You stand out at the top of your class.  You make complex titration equipment look like tinker toys.  You have the ability to memorize chemical names, to maximize equations, and to name all of the bones in the human body.  Simultaneously.  Blindfolded.  With your arms tied behind your back.  While water-skiing


A few nights ago I had the relatively novel idea to turn the TV on while I was working on some research for a class.  I used to study with the TV on all the time in high school.  Within a few minutes I’d turned the volume completely off having adjusted it in small increments

To each his own imperfection

Today I was answering phones in the admissions office.  Generally people pick up, ask a few questions about the summer interview program or campus tours, I answer their questions, and then we’re both on our merry ways.  This afternoon was a bit different however… Me:  “Hello and thank you for calling the College of William

Home is where the heart goes.

Home isn’t a place for me anymore, but rather it’s a feeling.  I don’t like the concept that Home is just a location to which you return at the end of the day or a place that you’re safe with people who love you.  For me it’s the people and the sense of belonging that

Eating My Feelings

January 29, 2008:  I was sitting on a couch in the Monroe 2nd floor study lounge studiously getting my reading done for the next day’s class discussion.  Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration of my academic dedication.  I was realistically either on Facebook or watching a Shakira music video on Youtube.  Feel free to picture me

Sexual Health Revolution

Let me tell you that from looking at me you wouldn’t guess that I’d be the guy to drop his backpack only to have a few hundred condoms fall out of it and scatter all over the terrace.  If you knew me however, you would know that I work with the office of health education

Audio Adventure 5

Rance (v):  to run and dance at the same time. Have you ever wanted to rance around campus to the music in your iPod?  Have you ever wanted to rance around campus with all of your friends listening to the same synchronized playlist? Okay, you probably haven’t, but that’s fine.  I never thought that I