Life as a graduate part 2, and spring break 2012

Life as a graduate part 2, and spring break 2012

I love life right now, and I’m so glad I graduated a semester early. I thought I would hate being away from William and Mary, but let’s be honest. I don’t have to write papers or study for exams. My parents cook for me. I have a real bed. I get to cuddle with my

First month of post-grad life

My first month as a William and Mary graduate has been very busy and exciting! I say first month because I’m excluding “winter break.” My first week of being a William and Mary graduate, I decided that I should get a job. So, I applied for two jobs, and to my surprise, both of them

“Winter Break”

Although I have graduated, it still feels like winter break! My family spent our holiday in Hot Springs, Virginia, rejuvenating in the same naturally hot mineral springs that Jefferson once bathed in and enjoying all the amenities of the Homestead, a luxury resort, while staying in a cozy bed and breakfast across the street with the most


Merry Christmas from Richmond! It’s time to reflect upon the semester. My last semester at William and Mary was really busy, but in a good way. I worked in two research labs, was a production assistant for a film class, produced a film about an elementary garden as an independent study, took four classes (global


Two days into school, Irene made us evacuate. My Texan roommate and I fled to my home in Richmond on Thursday, and we spent the long weekend playing with cats, picking apples, baking zucchini bread and apple crisp, barbecuing, henna-ing our hair, putting honey and oatmeal on our faces, watching movies, meeting up with William

Free ice cream and taverns

Today was an exciting day for two reasons. 1. Everyone knows about the refillable cider mug that you can buy in Colonial Williamsburg for ten dollars that gets you cider for a year, but today I discovered that you can get ice cream in your mug too (behind Shields Tavern 10AM-5PM)!! I got a chocolate

Back in Williamsburg!

I’ve been back in the states for two weeks now, and it’s been kind of a whirlwind. I came home on July 4th, so it was nice to celebrate being back in America with other people celebrating America. The following few days were spent studying for the GRE. Word of advice: give yourself more than

Kangaroo Island in Pictures

Here are some pictures from my service trip to kangaroo island (see previous post). Pictures with me in them were taken by Peggy and Mike.                                                            

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo island was magical. I feel like my entire study abroad experience was justified by this one utterly unreal week. The trip was sponsored by conservation volunteers australia, and there were seven of us: a big guy named Tiny who has been volunteering there for years, two korean boys, a german woman, a woman from

Reminiscing about freshman year

Found some video clips from freshman year, so I put together a video summary. Watching these clips made me miss William & Mary oh so much! I can’t wait to go back next semester for my last fall and winter in Williamsburg.