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Being a tour guide has taken over my wardrobe…

July 27, 2011 by

Never before have I been so concerned by the practicality of the items in my closet. Unlike some who held this position, I was not a tour guide prior to becoming a summer intern in the Admission Office.  The first few weeks on the job, I intentionally went shopping for cute summer outfits to wear on the tours. Little did I know that those “cute outfits” would be impractical for walking backwards and roasting in summer heat. After a few weeks in my role as a tour guide, I quickly threw looking good on the job out the window and readjusted my priorities. While looking good comes naturally to me (it’s okay to laugh, I chuckled as I wrote this), it took a much lower position my list of concerns.

Opposed to looking good, I am now concerned with dressing for comfort and keeping cool as I prepare for work each day.  You would think I am preparing for a sporting event. I make sure that I consume a nutritious breakfast which will help energize me through my morning tour, remain hydrated to prevent the heat from getting the best of me and of course, wear an appropriate outfit.  This weekend I took advantage of the College’s close proximity to the Prime Outlets.  Instead of looking for cute summer outfits, I was more concerned about purchasing lightweight and light-colored clothing to beat the heat and comfortable, flat shoes for walking backwards. Walking backwards is a challenge for me as I am accident prone, so my shoes must add to my ability to walk properly.  We can save the story of me falling down the office stairs for another blog entry.

Back to my style adjustment; I generally where dark colored clothes as you can see in the picture. My wardrobe consists of a great deal of black and navy blue. I quickly learned these colors do not cut it in the heat. My wardrobe now consists of neutrals and lots of breathable fabrics and oh boy do they make a difference.  Never did I think I would take fashion tips from my father of all people. My father wears a hat of some sort most of the time. Now I understand why he wears a sun hat during the summer and considers them a wonderful invention. While he uses his sun hat to protect his bald-head from the sun, I see the practicality of the sun hat and use it to protect as much of me as possible from the sun (do you see the size of my hat in the picture). My hat aids in shading my parent’s greatest accomplishment, me, from the sun’s strong rays while my light colored, lightweight clothes help to keep me cool.  So on your visit to the school, look for me, the 5 foot tall, sunhat- wearing young lady most likely to be seen walking backwards across campus leading a tour group.  Feel free to join my group or if I am not leading a group to stop and talk to me about the College.  And, if you need any fashion advice about your pending trip to the College, we can talk fashion or rather the practicality of your wardrobe choices.

When you know someone’s story you can appreciate their glory…

July 25, 2011 by

The Story:

Aaron Buncher came to visit the College at the end of his senior year. He, like many students, was scouting a place to spend the next four years or more of his life.  Aaron was one of the lucky ones and admitted to the College. After his receiving his letter, he took a tour to determine if William and Mary was truly the right school for him. At the conclusion of his tour he approached his tour guide and asked a few questions to include: what attracted you to the College; what has been your favorite experience to date; why was William and Mary the right place for you; and what are classes like? The tour guide diligently addressed all the questions giving her heart-felt response to each based upon her experiences. Having addressed all of Aaron’s questions, the tour guide returned to the Admission Office hoping that she had made a good impression on Aaron.

After returning from the tour, Aaron submitted his acceptance letter to the College notifying them that he would like to accept their offer of admission. A few weeks later, on Saturday April 16, Aaron and his mother joined the William and Mary community as participants in the Day for Admitted Students program.  On that day, from 9:30am to 4:00pm, Aaron, his family, and other admitted students and their families where submerged in all that evokes the essence of William and Mary. As newly admitted members of the community, they participated in various activities and panel meetings with current students, faculty, administration, and alumni of the institution. As they were leaving the program, after a full day of informative activity, the clouds rolled over the football field and the sky darkened. Those in attendance found coverage in various locations outside the stadium. Aaron and his mother walked past the stadium seeking retreat from the less than favorable weather. Little did they know that they would encounter the same tour guide who answered all of Aaron’s questions on his first visit to the College.

Briskly walking back to my dorm to get my umbrella before heading off to an event, I walked past a mother and her son heading in the opposite direction apparently seeking shelter from the rain. I recognized them as members of a tour that I conducted about the same time that they recognized me, because we both seemed to turn around at the same time to greet each other. It is amazing, because I will never forget Aaron, his mother or anyone else on my tour that Wednesday afternoon because it was the first tour that I lead on my own. Conversing with Aaron and his mother at the end of the tour was memorable because Aaron had many direct questions and listened attentively as I gave my answers. Seeing them on the Day for Admitted Students was a welcome surprise. Aaron told me that William and Mary is the right place for him! I am sure that I was more excited than Aaron that he decided to join the Tribe, especially when he told me that my tour was one of the deciding factors for him choosing William and Mary.  In a rush to get to an event, I was unable to talk for a long time, so I rushed off with a smile on my face. I remember calling home that evening to tell my parents about this great young man and his mother that I met on a tour and had the honor and privilege of seeing again. Little did I know that it would not be my last time seeing Aaron and his mother. A few weeks ago at the conclusion of one of my tours while standing around answering additional questions, whom did I see but Aaron. He came up and gave me a big hug. Being the big baby that I am, my eyes filled with joy seeing him (Yup that does mean tears, happy tears of course).

The Glory:

Aaron and I both receive GLORY in this case. Aaron’s glory is becoming a member of the Tribe, and my glory is from making a difference in his decision to attend the College.  So now, you know his story and you know our glory!