Learning To Appreciate What You Have

Learning To Appreciate What You Have

Today was a weekend of firsts. It was my first time traveling outside of Beijing. It was my first time missing class this semester. It was my first time sleeping on an overnight train. It was my first time staying in the hostel. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME IN SHANGHAI. Studying abroad in Beijing is

Representing William And Mary Halfway Around The World

I am not thrilled about public speaking. Standing in front of people who are taking time out of their day to listen and hopefully learn something from you, to me at least, is a lot of pressure. I don’t want to bore people. With that said, this week my study abroad program hosted a Chinese

4:15 am Wake Up Call

This morning I did the unimaginable; I woke up before noon on a Sunday. My friend and I decided over hot chocolate late Saturday night that we were going to finally make the trek to the middle of Beijing; Tiananmen Square (天安门). Every morning at sunrise the world’s largest public plaza greets the day with

Temple Tally

Number of Weeks In China: 5 Number of Temples Visited: 5 I have not yet reached visiting Buddhist Temples quota (寺庙); I am not ‘templed out.’  Seeing a temple once a week I think is a pretty good ratio, I am covering a lot of ground, yet have not begun to mesh all the places

The Best, Most Useless Chinese Phrases You Will Never Forget

I took Chinese for two years at William and Mary before studying abroad this fall at Peking University. With that said, I would like to share with you some of the most obscure phrases and characters I have learned while studying Mandarin. Electron: 电子 (dianzi) Fat Auntie Stationary Shop: 胖啊姨 文具店 (panganyi wenjudian) My Heart Goes

The Beijing “Bird’s Nest”

Part of my four-day Peking University orientation was becoming acquainted with the subway system and city of Beijing. So on Saturday our teachers took us to the Beijing National Olympic Stadium, better know as the “Birds Nest” and “Water Cube”. The gigantic stadium built specifically for the 2008 Summer Olympics has really neat architecture and

Ni Hao Beijing!

I arrived safe and sound in Beijing, China and have completed my first two weeks of class at Peking University! As a Chinese Immersion student through the Chinese Studies Institute (www.china-studies.net) I live in an off campus apartment with a Chinese foreign language teacher from Peking as well as one of my classmates. As an