Discovering life at W&M through the Wrencyclopedia

Discovering life at W&M through the Wrencyclopedia

  A Guide to the W&M Experience.  

Burning the midnight oil

  Twas the night before finals, and all through the College, The students were praying for last minute knowledge. Most were quite sleepy, but none touched their beds, While visions of essays danced in their heads . . .  

Reverse Evacuation

William & Mary folks are a strange (but awesome) family in a strange (but awesome) place – and Homecoming brings the annual memory jog that this has always been W&M’s M.O. This weekend’s been a strange (but awesome) weekend. As the rest of the East Coast braces for Hurricane Sandy’s approach – ‘playfully’ dubbed the

It’s Just(ice) Dinner

I’m sorry. It has been truly, unforgivably long since my last post. And, while I’ll hazard excuses, I said it here first. It’s been full throttle since last spring. I moved back to the country from Edinburgh, Scotland in May, and spent the summer finishing up my Master’s thesis, which ended up focusing exclusively on

I am William and Mary

Here’s what I’ve thought lately. What if I made the claim: William and Mary isn’t a place. It’s an idea. Sure, there’s our arresting physical grounds, which popular national consensus agrees are amongst the nations’ most striking. There’s sunset over Gloucester Point from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. There’s the Crim Dell reflecting, always,

B.A. ’11, J.D. ’15

Last week I made a big choice. I declined offers and withdrew outstanding applications from each law school across the country that I’d applied to last Fall. Last week, I pressed the “Submit” button on my Statement of Intention for law school. Last week, on the forms for other schools, under the heading “If Declining,

Blair’s Vision

Yesterday a very strange thing happened to me. I was asked to attend a meeting in the University of Edinburgh’s International Office. Edinburgh’s North American outreach officers wanted to meet with me to discuss the university’s strategic policy for recruiting American students. Like all such meetings, we started with small chat. Introductions. When prompted, I

A Hat

Here’s a fact that I was reminded of yesterday: If you wear W&M gear, your world becomes smaller. Earlier this year I reported how I was with a friend studying for the LSAT in Reston, VA. We took a break to grab a coffee and were heralded by the businessman behind us, whose daughter graduated

Green & Gold & Thankful

After graduation, William and Mary people go on to do a lot of different things in a lot of different places. Here’s a slice: Me: Well you all know I’m pursuing a masters degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in socio-political linguistics and critical discourse analysis in American political campaigning. Hayley Rushing ’11:

Now & Always

I thought that by moving to Scotland I’d be a bit further away from William and Mary than I’ve been used to for the past four years, but while the physical distance between me and the colonial capital may have increased, William and Mary is as present as ever in my life. In ways both