What it’s like to go to college and leave your (very) little brother behind.

What it’s like to go to college and leave your (very) little brother behind.

My college application personal essay. This summer giving tours at W&M, many people ask me if I can give them a bit of advice for their application. My single best bit of advice is to write your personal essay about ‘you’.  Don’t write about your grandmother, or your dog Pookie, or your amazing dad. Just

Fear Factor: Florence Edition

My semester in Florence, Italy was spent tackling some of my biggest fears. To begin with, if you know me you know that I’m a social person. You’d probably never guess that I’m horrified of being in a situation where I don’t know anyone and I have to make friends with strangers. Luckily I avoided


Halloween is by far my favorite time at William and Mary. Even though it’s June and Halloween couldn’t be farther away, I have to talk about it. At William and Mary, all things are a little quirky and unique – Halloween is definitely one of them. If you were to visit any college campus on

The Cheese Shop

B.L.O.G. Big. Lengthy. Online. (G)ournal. Big. Load. of. Gook. Very. Daunting. and. Scary. Blair. is. Afraid. of. Blogging. I am very tentative and extremely nervous about this whole blogging thing. The idea of anyone being able to read the things that I write is terrifying to me. I’ve already had my sister call me and a