Looking Forward

Looking Forward

I really thought waking up every day at 8 this summer would be the death of me. As any typical college student knows, scheduling a class before 10am is often going to cause more than a couple of skipped classes or inadvertent naps in the back row. But surprisingly, it’s been not too difficult to

Exploring Different Options

Two weeks ago I got the chance to be in the digital studio to help with the filming of a children’s show that accompanies textbooks to help kids learn English. It was a nice change from being in the intern pit and a fantastic opportunity to get to know a few more people in different

Discovering the World With National Geographic

This week has been more exciting than usual, it seems as if each and every week I grow more comfortable in my work environment and every day I get to learn something new and interesting about the business. However I guess I must admit that the Explorer’s Symposium that began this past Wednesday played more

Working Girl

The night before I started my internship I was surprisingly a lot less anxious than I had anticipated to be, and I felt weirdly calm for only having a night’s sleep between me and the beginning of what is essentially my professional career. However the calmness didn’t seem to have carried over to the next

The Week Before

It’s hard to believe that this week I’ll be starting my internship at National Geographic Television. Real Life. The last week of the class for the DC Summer Institute passed by in absolutely no time, as did my extended weekend home due to Memorial Day. For the longest it has felt as if the first

Metropolitan Life

My first week of my summer in DC is almost over; it seems like an age ago that I was completing my last final at W&M when in reality it has only been a week and a half. Strangely, the first nervous jitters and anxiety that I felt leaving home for a whole entire summer