Williamsburg Rain

Williamsburg Rain

The other day, after what seemed like a week-long rainstorm, a friend turned to me and said, “you know, Williamsburg always seems prettier after it rains.” I looked around. He was right. The trees were greener than they ever were and even the pavement seemed to sparkle. This magnificent beauty was our reward after the

Last Days of the William & Mary Washington Winter Program

I don’t know how it was possible, but the last two days of the William & Mary Winter Washington Program were even busier than the first five. Wednesday was our “Capitol Hill Day,” and like anyone who has a job on the Hill we did not stop all day. We started at the Senate Foreign

William & Mary Winter Washington Seminar: Day 3 and 4 Overviews

Monday was a fantastic day for the William & Mary Washington Winter Program. Not only did I go home with ten frozen fingers and a bag full of EPA booklets, but also with a new confidence in my journey discovering my own career path. We started our day by visiting the USAID office where we

Day 2 of the William & Mary Washington Program

To my surprise, the government and Metro were not closed due to the snow and ice which meant that Friday could go as planned. We met at the National Archives where a William & Mary alumnus gave us a private tour. Aside from the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, he showed us many unique documents

Demystifying the Process

Today was the first day of the William & Mary Washington Winter Program, which to me meant it was the first day in two weeks I actually had to wake up when my alarm rang. Winter Break, for the most part, is now over for us in the program. My commute into DC was familiar

“DC Girl” Takes On First Ever William & Mary DC Winter Seminar

I have lived in the DC suburbs, Vienna specifically, my entire life. So when my friends and family asked me what I was doing over winter break and I told them the William & Mary DC program, they wondered what I could get out of DC in a week that I haven’t already. I’m not