Upside Down

Upside Down

The new semester, my second one at William & Mary, started with some big changes that pretty much turned my world upside down. Last semester, I worked as a tutor and took a couple of classes. That was nice. I got to know lots of nice W&M students, learned many new things, and felt that

50% Completed

When I arrived in Williamsburg in August 2010, I thought life and work in such a small place would be kind of boring and that the semester would stretch like a rubber band. Now I am enjoying my winter break and realize that half of the time I am spending at William and Mary is

It’s College!!!

Talk about stating the obvious. “It’s College.” I have no idea how often I have heard this sentence ever since I first got here. And actually, it is not stating the obvious. As “it’s College” is used as an explanation for all kinds of weird stuff going on; a celebratory statement cherishing the joy of

S’mores and Smerfs

Last week, the RAs of several language houses had the brilliant idea to organize a s’mores mixer. I was a bit confused because for some reason the vocabulary section in my brain confused the English word “s’mores” with “smerfs”. So I could not quite wrap my head around the whole thing and kept thinking about

German Cooking Class

Part of the job of language house tutors is to offer classes or events that teach William and Mary students about the culture of countries where the language they study is spoken.  We are supposed to plan two such activities in an average week. I usually have a movie night where we watch German films,

The Monday Mindset

Mondays are special. We all know that. To most of us, they are special without being endearing. Options on how to deal with that are limited. Few of us can afford to just sleep through the Monday (which would then make Tuesday the new Monday, anyway). Working the entire weekend just to alleviate the Monday

The War Against Sugar

If you are new to the US, what immediately strikes you is the abundance of sugar everywhere. It must be the new white gold. The other day, I tried to buy a can of beans without added sugar. I spend about ten minutes reading the label of every brand and type of bean at the

The College Culture Shock

Imagine you are a Freshman, just about to start your first exciting semester at William and Mary. You are ready to meet new people, gain new insights and learn important lessons for life. Quite possibly, you are also likely to do insanely stupid things, embarrass yourself in front of people that will eventually become your